Believe I am being under medicated with Naturethroid..I am in the US

Hello everyone....I'm in the US, currently taking Naturthroid, however, my endo refuses to increase my dosage of 1/4 grain daily. I am interested in finding a legitimate online resource, no Rx required, where I can purchase Naturethroid 3/4 grain. If I can find the resource, the dosage will bring me up to one grain. I have been searching the net for a very long time to find a reputable online pharmacy....have seen companies listed, only to find that a Rx is required. Thanks so much for any information you can supply.

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  • You can purchase Naturethroid without prescription from <internet supplier> or <internet supplier>. I am in the UK & we have to buy ours from here. I prefer <first internet supplier> as it is slightly cheaper. Regards Vanessa

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  • In countries other than the UK, different restrictions apply. For example, a USA-based supplier cannot supply anyone in the USA without a prescription.

  • Why do you have to buy it? I'm in the uk and my doc prescribes levothyroxine on prescription and as its a lifetime medication Its free.

  • Most UK GPs will not prescribe desiccated thyroid products. A combination of not knowing about them, excess cost, peer pressure, and other factors combine to make it often difficult to get prescribed.

    Were a GP to prescribe it on an NHS prescription, as some do, then it is treated as any other NHS prescription - no charge in England if you have a Medex. "Lifetime" medication is not justification for a Medex - you need to be covered by one or more of the specific categories.


  • Thanks I'm new to this and my GP gave me the paperwork to fill in for free prescriptions and said I was covered due to my underactive thyroid.

  • None of us knew anything before thyroid! :-) The rules for Medex are here:


  • Yes myasthenia gravies that's what he said, I fit the profile!

  • Hypothyroid is myxoedema not myasthenia gravis (a neurological disease)

  • Me being daft copied wrong line, will learn wear the glasses? Oops

  • I take Thyroid-S from Thailand, three grains. I love it! I doesn't taste bad at all sublingually and after 3 months at the correct dose feel all the difference. Plus, it is very inexpensive and no arguing with doctors. I spent far more going to doctors and begging them to give me a prescription which they refused to do, or refused to raise my dose, than I do on my one bottle per year of Thyroid-S. Check the internet and it's easy to find how to order it. I was afraid at first, as it seemed a bit shady and the US is cracking down, but I have ordered three times and never had a problem.

  • And your endo is bordering on malpractice to keep you at such a low dose. That can have even worse effects than none at all. I would not go to that doctor ever again. Check out Stop the Thyroid Madness website about dosing.

  • I would just like to chip in I've been buying both T3 and NDT off internet sites, it annoys me, but there doesn't seem to be a choice. I've never had a problem either.

    I didn't feel much on NDT until I got up to 3 grains. My daughter takes 4 grains, I've read you can go up to 5 grains?

    I have no idea why your doctor is keeping you on such a ridiculous dose. Can't you see someone else?

    Good luck!

  • If you are in the US, can't you just get a different doctor/endo?

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