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have I put my recent blood right ????

I had a reply to latest posting on here,

think I did it correctly as,shaws always state you put the range that I would see in the brackets,although quite a big posting today, but didn't wanna leave anything out just incase it would help anybody with a bit od know how on my blood works that was taken recently.if I haven't done correctly to show you all,could you explain and will do all again.

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Sue, you still have not given us the actual result - see the post from Shaws on your other thread. We cannot advise without those.


Sue, see Humanbean's reply on your previous post. She explains how to do it.


Hi a

Hi spear rib

Got you 2messages,yes took ages to do,will post again in the next few days,it would have been all done if l hadn't missed out those other bits, errrrrrtt, LOL........


Thanks again,

Sue11 xx


You can just edit your results to add your actual result, don't need to type it all again.

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Oh Sue, but it's good you've got the actual results then.

Highlight your post and copy it (right click copy)

open 'word' and paste (right click paste)

type in your results next to each line, save, highlight text, copy & post it here again

hope you have a PC - will be tricky on a phone, no matter how smart the phone is! good luck!

J :D


Im not I T minded,have wrote out again.errrrrrr

just posted them up,thank you for your help though,was kind of you

with regards

sue11 xx


just posted blood results

yes wrote all out

not really I.T minded,just no enough to get by to say how kind and helpful you have been in replying back,

sue11 xx


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