An Administrator ,said put recent blood results on here

I wrote all my recent blood to show you all,as administrator said somebody would be able to see my bloods ,as my daughter's getting married next Sept...2015,l go zumba weds nite,plitates on Fri nite, also have active job.

Thank you

PS.........SORRY FOR POST BEFORE AS WAS WRITTING POST With kindle,which has predicted txt.


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Link to post with all the results here

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  • Might be an idea to post them again?

  • Thank you for replying,it took me ages to write my bloods down,not perpaired to write it all again,this does sound negative..........

    Thank you

  • Sue11. Why not copy and paste them, I know it takes ages to redo, particularly like me you are not very good at typing and they are not always words that come easily to mind. I vaguely remember the post and seem to remember you want to lose weight. I have recently managed to do a little of that by supplementing in the hope that helps my medication to be better utilised. That seems to be working.

    We really need to see any thyroid readings you have had though so look back on your post and put them in again. They may show other issues. Don't forget the ranges and your current dose may well be useful as well

  • Hi Silverton7

    Can't prove just lol down the post from yesterday,it's so long winded,espionage especially where l took the trouble to write then out in the first place,really don't feel like terrifying it all down at the moment.

    My post must have been spotted,as a post above/below had been answered,bit unfair,or is that me being disappointed with no replay.

    I've writting this on my kindle,it has a predicted txt,until you post it,you only note,what you thought yrs written,is even wrong,people looming at my post must think me as a absolute idit,l just wanted answers,especially when administrator suggests posting my resent blood test,how many to.rd do l have to pointlessly write these down,do thank you for contacting me,yes bit peeded off at mow,feel let down,

    Thanks anyway.

  • Sue, your post is here. I will also link to it at the top so people seeing this post can see it :)

  • Thanks for helping her x

  • Thank you very much for doing that for me x

  • Hi. Just continuing my scroll down HU and spotted your results so it is on-can't remember now whether it had replies-think it did! There is also a post asking how to access earlier ones so useful to know.

  • If people go into your username they will find your previous post with blood results ..I'm sorry i can't help you I wish I could but hold on someone will get back to you hopefully an administrator ..

  • Thank you,most kind x

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