Good Morning

Would anyone be kind enough to advise how I can eliminate my sudden insomnia. Waking at 2 am dosing until 5 am and up at 6.30. I feel absolutely shattered as I'm one of those people who need their sleep

What would you advise re administration of T3 25mcg and T4 (50mcg) I have been splitting both taking

T3 4tds and T4 2tds....What is the latest time recommended to take these tablets. I even took a small dose of night nurse and that didnt help

I'm worried I will be the one at the conference asleep with my head on the table or possibly huge dark circles round my eyes

Any advice will be much appreciated

Sincere thanks for reading

Good luck in achieveing good health and and happiness

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It's possible your cortisol levels are not right. You could try taking a little holy basil at night to lower your night time cortisol. This might allow you to sleep through. Your body makes most cortisol during the last few hours of sleep - the very time when you are waking up.

Thank you rosetrees. Despite my cortisol level considered normal at 414 I (NHS) I still feel that it is the cause of most of my problems not just the sleep disruption but also the shortness of breath and fatigue. I will try the holy basil and confront my dr re his response to the genova test

I get so frustrated when the medics wont accept anything outside their parameters

Must stick with it though

Thanks again

Just as an experiment, try taking your last dose of T3 just before you go to sleep. You might be running out of T3 during the night.

I would also suspect cortisol, as rosetrees mentioned. To find out you would need to do an adrenal stress profile test from Genova.

Another possibility - your blood sugar level might be dropping too low during the night. Low blood sugar prompts a rise in cortisol, thus waking people up. Try eating a small snack just before bed e.g. something with complex carbs to slow down the release of energy, or if you can cope with milk, how about hot milk on its own or with horlicks or cocoa.

Thank you . Will try takingT3 and Horlicks as you suggested. Really need a good nights sleep

Even feeling so tired I cant sleep during the day. According to my NHS cortisol test the reading was ok at 414. but again this doesnt tell me how the cortisol is perfoming. I have the necessary

items from Genova for the test which I will take hope my dr will accept them

Thank you again humanbean


Ppf, take your T3 an hour before a milky night time drink.

Thanks Clutter ,

You seem to be kept very busy advising and helping people. It must be very rewarding when you hear members have improved as a result of your advice

Got T3 then my horlicks ready------Please God ----a good nights sleep tonight

Enjoy the conference tomorrow

Thanks again

Ppf, yes it's nice to hear about improvements and that advice has helped.

I shan't be at the conference but I'll try to follow some of it on here and on Twitter.

Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Hi ppf123,

I have had the sleeping pattern that you describe for a while UNTIL RECENTLY!!! I don't know if it is linked, but a much healthier sleeping pattern (i.e., sleeping through until 5.00 or beyond.....unheard of....) coincided with me starting to use magnesium oil which I rub onto my arms/legs just before bed. I had been taking magnesium orally only but I think the transdermal addition is working well.

I have noticed a definite improvement. Maybe psychosomatic.......but even if it is ..... bring it on!

Good luck!

Hi MagG

Thank you for your suggestion. I remember having been told ages ago about magnesium. Never crossed my mind to try it. thank you for jogging my memory

Pleased for you that your sleeping has improved

Sweet Dreams


Make sure you avoid magnesium oxide supplements - they are almost completely useless. There are various forms of magnesium which can be rubbed on or bathed in. If you prefer to take a supplement, then the one many people prefer is magnesium citrate - take it in the evenings.

Thanks have noted your advice


I wake up like that if my supper contains too much salt. It puffs me up and interferes with sleep. If I eat a baked potato with supper (which contains a lot of potassium) this offsets sodium and prevents the oedema. Just a thought.

I would take your dose of T3/T4 together. You are taking equivalent of 150 levo. Sufficient T3 needs to saturate all of your receptor cells and then the action takes place between 1 and 3 days.

I have always taken once a day dose. 1 - it is more convenient and I am well on one dose a day of T3. I also took T3/T4 at the same time.

It is more convenient and there isn't a need to split doses. I have read it is an unscientific way of taking thyroid medication to split but has become a bit of a fashion, it would seem.

Some think that T3 is a bit unstable but this is a link which may be helpful.

Thanks for your reply Shaws

Ideally I would just like to take one tablet of each. Preferably an hour before bedtime

Would this cause sleep problems or enable me to awake refreshed

Kind Regards

I take all my t3 just before bedtime and sleep most night right through

Thats good to know Will take mine tonight too along with T4 just before my milk drink

Kind Regards and thanks

ppf 123 - you cannot have anything to eat or drink two hours each side of taking T3. Take your milk drink two hours before and T3 just as you get into bed.

As I take mine when I awake I cannot answer but Stourie seems to have found it fine. You can try and it may work for you too. Mind to leave two hours between eating and taking T3 as food can interfere with the uptake.

I've suffered same and more severe, and Nutritionist advised Magnesium & B6 combo as relaxant (also helps with constipation); and on her advice also take Allergy Research Group's ZEN: '200 mg of Zen contains L-theanine, first found in green tea, and GABA, a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter' and this really helps. Also try Valerian/Hops/Lavender/Chamomile as teas or otherwise. None of these persist in the morning and leave me hung-over.

All the best

Thank you for your advice. I have noted the products recommended. Tried the milk drink last nigh t Slept till 1am and awake until 5am Sadly too tired and fatigued to go to the conference today -so disappointed Listening to my body rather than pushing myself today Should do this all the time but hate letting people down

Kind regards

I also sometimes take a banana a couple of hours before bed or about an hour after taking my t3 I take a small bowl of porridge and I usually sleep like a baby

Another good idea

As already mentioned, have been a fellow sufferer and have already posted herb etc advice. But, on the matter of glucose levels dropping overnight and milky drinks, have also found plain greek yogurt before bed (and in night) is great, as it doesn't cause nocturnal loo visits like drinks. Especially if mixed with nut butters, it's a great tided-over til morning.

And if you are a meat-eater, turkey is great because of the tyrosine in it that aids sleep. Google tyrosine foods and you'll find lists of them, and all will help.

My new dr prescribed Melantonin 1 mg was an answer to a prayer.I have low cortisol,Vit b12 deficiency & was thyrotoxic from eutroxsig .

Thank you . Im pleased you have found something that helps you . Worth remembering

Kind regards

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