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Any ideas ?

Hoping for a bit more advice after members here were very helpful last week.

After seeing a GP at my practice last week I had a blood test on Tuesday, the form said the tests to be carried out were - full blood count, thyroid, liver and kidney function and bone profile. I was told to ring the surgery on Friday (tomorrow) for the results.

This morning I had a call from a receptionist at the practice saying the doctor wanted me to have a repeat test done either tomorrow or Monday and could I come in today to collect the form. As the receptionist said repeat I presumed the sample had been contaminated or similar so didn't ask about results. Having just collected the form the doctor has actually requested different tests to be carried out on this blood sample, Ferritin, B 12 and Serum Folate.

My question is does this still sound like it could be hypothyroidism or something else ? I've gone from being worried that my symptoms would be fobbed off as psychosomatic to bring worried there is actually something wrong in the space of a week.


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Rmac, 'tis all going to be speculation until you see your results. I'd be more inclined to 'guess' that your GP has ordered the extra tests because something in the FBC makes him/her think you may have some form of anaemia. GP's don't request ferritin, B12 and folate when making a hypothyroid diagnosis as far as I know.


I think I'm just feeling impatient, and anxious to know why I'm feeling so rotten.

A form of anaemia would surprise me as I've been a blood donor for longer than I've had these symptoms and I'm always told that my iron levels are better than average. But I'm aware there are different types of stored iron and anaemia. Time for some more research I think.


Rmac, ring the receptionist tomorrow and see whether the first results are available. I could easily be wrong and your GP may read thyroid fora and know that a request for ferritin, B12 and folate would be forthcoming if your TSH is elevated ;)


Sounds to me like they might just recognise that ferritin and folate are low which is typical long before hypothyroid gets recognised


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