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For our American members living in the US

I hope it's ok to post this here.

Someone on another US Hashi site is trying to stop or modify the ATA guidelines. Please can you help her as she requests.

"Ok...Hashimoto folk...

I am compiling letters to the American Thyroid Association regarding their new guidelines. I am sickened

A) that if Levothyroxine only does not work, we will be referred to Psych.

B) that doctors could have their licenses revoked for treating with T3 meds or NDT

I am looking for your letters...

How NDT has improved your well-being.

How the addition of T3 has improved your life

How Levothyroxine is not the "Gold" medication that they claim.

Email to:

I will print all the emails and mail to the ATA with my story too! Please add to other sites that I do not belong to. Thanks! Let's make a huge Ripple and shut down the ATAs agenda that is killing us!"

But, I stress, it is only for people living in the USA. Although I'm not sure it is limited to Hashi's people, just that she is on a Hashi's group. You can use your own name or a pseudo.

Thank you.

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When do you need it by?


Oh, that, I have no idea. I have no more information than what is written above. It's not me organising this, it's an aquaintance of and aquaintance. lol But at a rough guess, I would say as soon as possible.

After the new ATA guide came out, people want to kick up as much of a fuss as possible before the dust dies down. One woman I heard of is working on a law suit (class A would that be? I don't know about these things). Haven't had any news of that lately, but there are many, many people willing to join her.

Have you left a protest on the ATA Facebook page? That's another thing people are doing to protest.

Hugs, Grey


Will do! Thanks for passing along the information.




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