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Further humiliation?

Thanks to Annapickle I drafted and sent a letter to my g.p. expressing my frustration following my latest visit, listing all my symptoms and asking to be prescribed T3 or NDT or to be referred to an endocrinologist.

I have had a letter through the post today asking me to make a routine appointment to see Dr XXX.

My hubby is coming with me this time so that he can't blame everything on my age and weight, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips o advice for me prior to my appointment, or any valid articles I can print off and take in to show him. (I sent a copy of the article in Pulse, kindly supplied by Louise Warvill, with my letter.)

Thanks in advance - onwards and upwards!

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My advice is to look for another doctor and keep looking until you find one who takes you seriously. You deserve to have an endo take a look at you. I felt victimized by "the system" for years. Now finally have a great endo and I feel validated at last.


NHS GPs are rubbish when it comes to thyroid matters, they'd sooner prescribe AD's as it would make their job easier. They're not answerable to anyone and the GMC aren't interested in complaints either, as I've discovered.

NHS = not a health service.


I also was prescribed AD and took them for 15 years. Finally went to Chinese medicine practitioner (acupuncture, supplements, diet) who told me it was all connected to my thyroid. I had no idea. Now I'm off the AD, take Thyroid WP and use diet and feel much better. Depression and body aches and fatigue are gone.


Thanks Cinnamon girl. Sorry to sound thick but what are AD's?


Anti depressants.


Ah yeah, thanks.


Well done to hubby for accompanying you and fingers crossed that you will be listened to. GP should be concerned as you've written a letter of complaint, did you send a copy to the Practice Manager? If not, you should.

Good luck.


I didn't send a copy to the practice manager unfortunately. There have been a number of mix ups with my Doc's lately. I was supposed to be being tested for Thyroid and they tested my glucose instead - when I rang the receptionist told me my result for thyroid was normal - although she was looking at my glucose result and there hadn't been a thyroid test. I only found out when I went back to the doctors feeling terrible and he said " well you haven't had your thyroid tested in a while" I said " I did - last month" that was when he said it was my glucose that had been checked (for what - i don't know)!!

I also had a gynecological biopsy in June - due to crippling menstrual cycle, and that has yet to come back from the lab!!!


Presumably you've kept a copy so can you not photo copy that otherwise it's too easy for GP to throw your letter in the bin. By copying in the Practice Manager there's nowhere for your GP to hide.

Best thing to do is to always request a copy of your test results.

You could always write another letter to your GP asking him to chase up the results of your biopsy, copy to the Practice Manager obviously. That's a long time to wait!


Yeah, got a copy. Going to pop in on the way home, to make the appointment and hand a copy of the letter. I am also going to request all my information by SAR. I probably wont get an appointment for about a month, so may as well ensure i am well prepared.


Okay, managed to get an appointment with my GP this evening. My husband thinks I should tell him that I have already started taking T3 and feel much better, I am not so sure, what does everyone think?


When did you start taking T3? Do you have any recent test results? Were they taken when you were taking T3? If so that would give a skewed result.

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer re informing GP about taking T3. However I would suspect that most GPs haven't a clue about T3 except to say that it's dangerous and would lead to all sorts of complications therefore they could refuse to monitor you.

Have you a good supplement regime that's addressing any deficiencies? It can be a good idea to go back to basics by reading as much as you can and, if necessary, get some private tests done.

To be honest, your GP may well refer you to an Endo to get you off his back!! Would be worth asking Louise for a copy of the recommended Endo list rather than taking pot luck by ending up with a diabetes specialist.

I do feel for you, we shouldn't have to do this.

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Thanks CG:)

I started Tiromel 12 mg per day in 2 doses, around 3 weeks ago (out of desperation)

My last results from April were:

TSH = 3.9. Free T4 =17.2. Free T3 = 4.1

Doctor keeps giving me orlistat slimming tablets, but I havent been taking them..

I started yesterday on a multivitamin, Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 1000mcg, and Vitamin C Low Acid Tablets 1000 mg I have not yet had full bloods done.


I have also ordered some Vitamin D3 5000IU


Okay back from dr's. He wasnt too bad this time ( hubby was with me) although he did say even though I was very symptomatic, there was no way it could be my thyroid as all my results were normal. He asked me if I had written the letter myself - patronising. He said he would not prescribe armour as it was going back to "the dark ages" and "removed from animals" gave me the impression it was tantamohnt to poison. He said he was not happy prescribing T3 as he had never done it before and had no experience (at least he was honest...) he did say he would refer me to an endochronologist that I requested, or further investigations, even though he was not based at the trust I would normally refer to. Dr A at the royal in Liverpool. Not sure if anyone has experience of him?

I also now have a full print out of my recent tests from March, antibodies weren, t tested although he said last time they were tested (in 2008) they were "normal" but I will take that with a pinch of salt!


Jacqui, you can post a question with Dr. A's name and hospital but ask for comments via private messages.

Good job your GP's referred you, he obviously knows little about thyroid himself and he's woefully ignorant about thyroid replacement given his views on NDT.

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Thanks clutter.


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