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It pays to complain !

I went to Bath on the 31st of March to see my consultant, I have strong sjogrens symptoms

so the consultant decided to send me for a lip biopsy.

Shortly after my appointment a copy of the letter sent to my Gp arrived, it stated that the referral for the biopsy was already underway.

Yesterday I received another letter from Bath asking my local hospital to book me an appointment for the biopsy, but in the first letter it was saying this was already underway !

It had taken them ' five weeks ' to put a couple of sentences together yet I had been led to believe it was all underway, I was awaiting my appointment to arrive.

I rang my consultant's secretary to ask why it had taken them so long to send a letter to the relevant department, all I got was a sorry........this is not good enough when I am so poorly I told her.

It was only a couple of weeks back that I had emailed my consultant to tell her of my ailing health due to my having multiple conditions.

After threatening to speak with the patient liaison officer she said she would put me through to the consultant as I was obviously very right I was.

The consultant came on the phone ! ' yet again another sorry ' as I tried to explain how poorly I am & I didn't feel I was any closer to getting help with my awful symptoms.

In a short phone call I was now being admitted ' this Monday the 12th ' for a stay over night so that I can see the Professor.........well there's a result ! ! !

Today another letter arrived with an appointment for this Friday for further testing.......why this cant be done whilst I am admitted I do not know seeing as I am not that local........that would make life to easy.

The letter was typed & posted all on the same day ! ' what a surprise '. Jillymo

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Fingers crossed that I get a long awaited diagnosis instead of coming away down hearted & wondering why I bothered to go in the first place.


Well done you!


I do hope I get some results this time, you get so disheartened with it all.


just goes to show what CAN be done , if you stand up for yourself .....I have done this in the past AND NOW GET BRILLIANT TREATMENT AT ALL OF MY LADYS APPOINTMENTS ......I would also tell the professor when you see him about the other appointment with the emphasis on the savings to the nhs as well as the disruption to YOUR HEALTH that this will bring on to you ......keep up the good work .....alan xxx


I will do just that Alan but what a shame we have to battle so hard. I am going to email the consultant to ask why the test's cant be done whilst i am on the ward, it is all so exhausting.

God bless you for your kind words. Jillymo xx


its the battleing that keeps me going ..... never forget the phrase ' NEVER LET THE B+++++++S GET YOU DOWN ' will draw strength from the good results that you WILL get ......alan xx


I have been battling for many years Alan & when your a woman on your own some of these rudy consultants can be very patronising to say the least.

i do not intend to take anymore of this crap ! ' after all it is my life they are messing with.'

I dont know about strength drawn more like dagger, :-)


the strength that you take is from when YOU win the battles .....I win on many different things and ways , for many people , every week ......don't take or accept any crap ----from anyone --- keep going give yourself a wry smile/snigger EVERY time you win really does work .....alan xxx


Yeh as I grit my teeth & growl. Grrrrrrrr.

Take that & that as well, :-) (Snigger ha ha ) xx


I am glad you are being seen. It is a pity you had to complain as we normally just wait silently and hope everything goes well for you.


That's the trouble we do tend to sit back but my sitting back days are long gone......I now wont action my life depends on it.

Thank you for your good wishes......fingers & toes crossed. xx


That is good news Jillymo, shame it was such a battle to get this result but worth it hopefully...Keep us posted D x


Let's see what the out come of my overnight stay in Bath brings, I pray it will be worth it.

Thanx hun,,,,,,,will do. Jillymo x


It doesn't seem to be medical side, it's the admin apparently Doctors letters are all typed up in India took nearly 3 months for Consultant's letter to arrive at GP's


This letter was done in Bath ! It took two weeks for the consultant to dictate it & another three weeks to type it up & get in the post..........what a joke.

I am aware of what you are referring to I had a problem with a hospital in Oxford.......I was shocked when my consultant told me the letters go to's crazy.

The worlds gone rudy mad. :-( Jillymo (nah we have got to keep smiling) :-)


Well done on standing up for yourself and gettung a result. It is a sad fact that these days many of us have to do the same to get the service and treatment needed and a shame we always seem to have the hardest battles over it when feeling at our most vulnerable. Good luck with your admission and hopefully you will get all sorted at the one don't need the extra stress of having to have return visit in same week.Hope all goes well. Sending big hugs.xx


Bless you for your kindness. It is a shame so many of us have to battle this way it can be so exhausting when you have so little energy in the first place.

I was just sitting writing some notes to take with me tomorrow for when I see the professor.

If you could have seen the photo's I took to my first appointment you would be horrified at the change in me.

I shall hang on to those hugs & take them with me for luck. Jillmo xx (((*.*)))


Good luck tomorrow, Jillymo and well done for fighting your corner.


Thank you Clutter, lets hope I get some answer's of why I feel so poorly they have been a long time coming. Take care Jillymo


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