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Morning all.

Yesterday had a call from my Doctor re my latest blood results.

TSH 39.3

T4 7.1

she wants to see me.

This is having been off meds for a good six + weeks.

My results even on meds are varying.

Oct 2012 they were pretty much the same as above.

In March 2014 the T4 was at 0.7 which a different Doctor said was slightly over medicated but ok although she did say Armour caused Osteoporosis !

The last two results were while on same dosage of Armour the only difference in lifestyle was a horrendously high work load, which had meant I was struggling with a lack of sleep & bad jet lag.

So 7.1 is not great but to be honest I am coping.

Feed back please. I am fighting to see an Endo. If anyone knows of a good one in or around Wiltshire that would help.



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Hi Hill,s

No wonder she wants to see you. When you post your results, it is helpful if you can put the ranges too (figures in brackets after result) as labs differ and it makes it easier to comment. It will be interest to know what she says.


You should ask your GP for proof that Armour causes osteoporosis.


Hills, Why have you been off thyroid replacement for 6 weeks? Please be very cautious about driving. TSH >20 has been shown to impair driving reactions more than being above the drink drive limit.


I ran out of Armour, was put back on Levo which made me incredibly ill. Doctor refused to prescribe Armour. So no meds.

A friend brought Thyroid S but now I am in the midst of an arguemnt with my CCG and Doctor. Basically if I was on any other medication and could not take it it for what ever reason there are alternatives so why is this not the case with Levothyroxine.

I cannot afford to keep paying out for medicine. More importantly for me and the job I am in I legally should have a copy of my prescription with me, so if I buy of the internet as my Doctor told me to do so I am potentially putting myself at risk of a great deal of trouble.

Thanks for driving info, explains my ability to damage things at the moment.


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Hills, Good luck with the CCG. I fully agree that it's disgraceful that there are no alternative prescriptions to Levothyroxine for those that don't do well on it.

Could your GP not write a note saying you require NDT for hypothyroidism but you source it yourself as it isn't licensed for use in the UK.

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Thanks although I think I need more than luck.

The issue I have is the number of countries I travel to and regulations in each.

As an example of the range, Australia, Dubai, China, America, Japan I have been lucky so far but one day someone is going to stop me.

I have a lot to discuss with her.



It seems to me to be utterly ridiculous that a medicine which was, after all, the only thing available to treat hypothyroidism (and did so extremely efficiently) should now be totally off the books simply because the pharmaceutical industry 'says so...'. There is nothing illegal about it, it does not contain any harmful substances (unlike some of the crap they insist on treating us with these days) and in most cases gives people their right to live a normal life back! Bloody unbelievable!!! :-(


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