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update on charlotte Puddifoot

losing a bit of hope on helping this person, just need reassurance that there is at least some answer out there if not the complete picture. Her GP came out last thursday and agreed to fax a referral to Dr Parag Singal with the list of physical symptoms that she is experiencing (that we have had to list) but she doubts that Dr Parag Singal will find anything and has admitted that Charlotte's health has deteriorated in the last five years even though all the nhs tests have come back fine or slightly borderline. We have also got her to refer Charlotte to the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital to see the gastroenterology and immunology departments and have asked those referrals to be expiditated, otherwise it is just sent as a routine referral!. Just hope that we are finally looking in the right area.

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I looked through some of your old posts, and read the adrenal stress results you've posted. The results make it fairly clear you are probably dealing with a case of Cushing's Syndrome or Cushing's Disease.

(Could you list any results in future, rather than just create a big block of text. It makes things much easier to read!)

These are the adrenal stress results you gave :

Comprehensive Adrenal stress profile:

sample one: (33.2) range 12-22,

sample two: (11.2) range 5.0-9.0,

sample three: (7.0) range 3.0-7.0,

sample four: (11.4) range 1.0-3.0,

daily cortisol range (I think you mean total) : (62.8) range 21-41nmol/L.

DHEA levels:

sample two am 0.70

sample three: pm 0.67

DHEA Cortisol ratio 1.09.

secretory Iga results-saliva (502.4) range 118-641.

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that the NHS DOES accept saliva testing according to the NHS Choices website. It gets a mention on this page :

The results you've posted above should be enough to trigger a thorough check for Cushing's including MRI scans and so on. Has this been done?

Edit : I should have said that the NHS accepts saliva tests that they have carried out for Cushing's. They don't believe any other lab results because they don't believe that any labs except NHS ones know what they are doing. But at least they should agree to do their own testing on the basis of the above results.


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