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You are the expert on your body

HI All

Just thought this was interesting. I came across this TED lecture, its about gathering your own data on your body (BP, Heart Rate, Temp) etc so you are the expert on YOU! This allows you to go with the facts to your doctor and if they (as they sometimes do...) dismiss everything you say - then you can say here is the data, here is the evidence.

You are the expert - very empowering - see


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Thanks for posting, Lizanne.

The risk of miscarriage without induction doubling from 0.1% to 0.2% demonstrates the doctor's lack of understanding or inability to interpret statistical risk in whole numbers which is more meaningful to most patients.

Home data on BP, heart and pulse rates may also be more accurate for those who experience 'white coat syndrome'.


Hi All my good consultants do this, say I know best and listen. So, find a good consultant.



I totally agree with that! I shall Watch the video later. Thanks for posting.


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