Fobbed off by your doctor? Now a second opinion from an expert is just one phone call away

I know it's DM article again but it does sound as though this could be very useful to people who do get fobbed of by their doctor and don't know what to do next.

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  • Thanks very much for this - I am fighting a possible parathyroid issue but my endo has a closed mind regarding symptoms and treatment so I may well phone this organisation for advise.

    Moggie x

  • Hope you get a result Moggie. So terrible when people who should know better just don't bother to listen to you. Best of luck. Will be very interested if you get the help you need.

  • Only negative I can see is that your original specialist (in my case my endo) could refuse to see you again but maybe that's a chance worth taking. He has been very good regarding thyroid issues but where the parathyroid is concerned I think he is out of his depth but wont admit it.

    If I do phone I'll give you an update.

    Thanks again.

    Moggie x

  • good luck moggie, i had similar when i had all the exact symptoms of adrenal crisis including everything, wired excess adrenaline overheating nausea, weigh loss a stone- unable to eat dry mouth dreadful nausea, fainting lightheaded dizzy, low bp dropping 10 units on standing shaking, abdo and severe low back pain, vomitiing, and still no one recoginsed it even had to ask for a drip! good luck shame they do not swallow their pride and admit they do not know it all.

  • hoooo the lady in the article, I 'know' her :)

    thanks for sharing x

  • I think we all do ha ha!! :-)

  • No we don't...give us a clue!

  • It's a secret...! She's very shy... ;)



  • I think its the pink hair :-D

  • By George I think I got it! lol.

  • .....or one of many musical instruments or the wall colour reflecting a colourful character !.... :-)

  • really? you know my neighbour? wow!

  • Poor woman seems to have been through a terrible time. Seems to be happening more and more. What with Polish surgeries opening at reasonable prices and telephone calls to get real help it shows just how desperate the NHS is getting.

  • So easy to have lies put on your records or be struck off from a surgery when caring for others - be warned.

  • that is a goo dbit of info thanks so much for that.

  • It's a bit of a comfort when things get really bad isn't it?

  • you bet it is a life line .x

  • i wonder what would happen if a polish doc diagnosed us different to our own doc ?

  • I don't know, no doubt it will happen soon...good old Daily Mail will report it lol!

    Seriously though, these folk seemed so well organised I think I'd go with them. At least they are interested. Sadly it will be a long time before they reach takes a very long time for anything to reach Norfolk...sigh....

  • Ellarose, It hasn't even got to Essex yet!. Janet.

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