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Hi back again. turns out my thyroid is dead and my own body has destroyed it. My legs are swelling so my endo has sent me for heart and stomach scans which have all turned out fine buy a water test and bloods have come up with a low adrenal glands.... Im having a blood test and then injected and then another test. my tsh was 87.1 and t4 unrecordable but is responding to 100mcgs of levo....but i wish someone would tell it to my body which is having its own civil war :( i hope everyone is well and any advice again would be great!. Im now off to work on a 10hr shift and the co-codamol is the only thing moving me :D

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You must have now been ill for a long time surely the doctors have not dismiussed this

Hypothyroid and all the associated effects does not occur overnight

It will take time for TSH to return to less than 2

meanwhile you vitally need tests for




vit d3

as they are all likely to be rock bottom

In order to absorb /utilise levothyroxine your Ferritin MUST be over 70

Hence you are likely to need iron and at least 500mg vit c for months

along with b12 and really you should be treated with T3 liothyronine not thyroxine until your ferritin is over 70

be very very sure to take a really good multivitamin every night before bed because hypothyroid trashes every vitamin and mineral in the body


Thankyou so much! I will check these next visit :)


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