Any relaxation tips or advice?


I have been taking my 50mcg of Levothyroxine for about 5 months now.

However, I am still getting as stressed out as ever. A situation will stress me out, and then I'll spiral into a loop of getting stressed about being so stressed and it just feels endless, which eventually makes me ill and tired. I was wondering whether anyone has any relaxation advice or tips?


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Are you on the correct dose of levothyroxine? Hypothyroidism leads to low clearance of cortisol leading to higher chronic levels which can predispose you to stress.


This technique works well for me which my friend who was a therapist taught me and i find it v relaxing. Lie flat on your bed or sofa. Take some deep breaths and try to relax your body as much as you can from your feet to your head. Concentrate on each part of your body, ie toes, feet, calves, etc etc then, find a spot on the ceiling and concentrate on it, count to ten backwards and then close you eyes, count down from 50 slowly, 50, 49, 48 etc once at zero count back up to 10 and open your eyes. You will be amazed that you have been relaxed for about 4-5 minutes and you should feel nice and calm once you open your eyes.

Best wishes

Hi. Meditation or yoga are good for stress. Also breathing exercises. Hope that helps.

I love the Paul McKenna books and CDs - really helps me.

Me too - especially the CD which comes with book about stress

Learn mindfulness. Meditate. It will change your life.

I can't recommend Yoga highly enough. If you can learn to slow your breathing to a regular pattern it is a marvellous de-stressing technique. Just concentrating on breathing in for a count of three and out for a count of three to begin with. Gradually increase the count for the "out" breath, so, in for three, out for four. It's not easy to begin with, but with practice you can breath in for three and out for a count of 5 or 6. This immediately slows everything down and calms you, it's even been shown to reduce blood pressure. Don't expect to get to a high count on the "out" breath straight away, it will take time to reach a high level. Anything that stops hyperventilating (fast panicky breathing) is good. I wish I'd known about this technique when I used to get panic attacks travelling on the underground! Good luck, and I hope you get more help from the Doctor. MariLiz

Hi I'd say you need more levothyroxin you sound as if ur not on enough , I've been on them now for 23 years and suffer hypothyroidism hope this helps.

It certainly sounds as if it is time to return to the doctor and have another blood test. 50 mcg is quite a low dose.

Also make sure your Adrenal glands are in good fettle. Get doc to test for that too. Stress can weaken them, so can thyroidism, so you've got a potential two-for there.

I found both healing sounds music (search the web) and meditation very helpful. It is worth doing proper meditation training - see - they do courses with fees based on your income and free refresher evenings for life. The teacher who does the North and Hampshire is lovely.

Dani, you shouldn't have been left on 50 - a starter dose - for more than 6 weeks - certainly not 5 months! The doctor should have tested you after six weeks and increased your dose if necessary - and it sounds like it is necessary. He has been negligent.

In your place, I would go back to see him and ask for a test. Then ask for a copy of the results - it's your legal right to have them - and post them here so people can advise you.

Hugs, Grey

Yoga, yoga, yoga its been a life saver for me super relaxation tool i have a beginners dvd by tara lee bought from a well known website. 25mins a few times a week in the privacy of my own bedroom and he presto chilled as anything.

I wish i found it sooner

Pilates does it for me 1 and a 1/4 hours twice a week and evan the odd discreet 5 minits when and where I can and am toned and have evan started to lose some of that extra weight put on through being made underactive is brilliant for learning to meditate, it has helped me through 3 years of M.E hell and is free for 10 mins a day or you can subscribe for longer meditations as you learn more.

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