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Conversion t4-3?

On 100 thyroxine reduced from 125 (varies every blood test)Though not unwell I visited nutritionalist as endured ongoing diarrhoea, heart racing, intolerance to light. She suggested adrenal test which have done (adrenal collapse two years ago) Will be discussing results tomorrow. Could not interpret myself? In meantime had bloods done at new Dr. Results

TSH .15 previously 17

Free T4 - 28.2 previously 13

However liver function Serum Alt at 48(high) and Serum Gamma GT 89, also high.

Dr says I need to return regarding liver as enzymes slightly raised. Am I having problem converting T3to 4 due to liver, gut, or adrenals. Since taking Bio-kult stomach settled but do not know which direction to go next?

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Marmie, it's impossible to tell how well you are converting T4 to T3 without a FT3 test. If you aren't feeling unwell it would seem safe to assume that you are converting sufficient T3.

Most labs won't test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed but you can order a private test from Blue Horizon or Genova via

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liver enzymes often raised when person unable to tolerate /utilise levothyroxine or inadequately treated

What is your Ferritin level ..............That is vital

do you take 2000mg of Vit C + liquorice root tincture to support your adrenals

Have you considered taking NDT instead of chemical levothyroxine which cause problems for many many people


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