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Can adrenaline rushes be improved with thyroid meds?

Adrenaline rushes were mentioned in another thread as a hypo symptom. I have had these for aslong as I can remember but they didn't bother me until my thyroid problems surfaced. I've had a few cortisol tests and its been both high and low however this year it was fairly normal but could be slightly higher in the day. For people who are stable on meds... do they improve? I'm not on any meds. Thanku.

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It would be useful to know what your cortisol results and reference ranges actually are. According the the Stop The Thyroid Madness website it matters whereabouts in the reference range your results are. The following quote comes from that site :

"24-HOUR CORTISOL SALIVA TEST: An at-home test to evaluate your circadian cortisol levels at key times during a 24 hour period. Those will healthy adrenal function will have the follow results: 8 am: at the literal top of the range 11 am-noon: in the upper quarter, and often about a quarter below the top 4-5 pm: mid-range 11 pm to midnight: at the very bottom. A DHEA above midrange is good, but 8 can mean the adrenals are compensating for a problem. You will need to be off any adrenal support supplement, any medication containing cortisol, any herbs that support adrenal function, or zinc or licorice root for at least two weeks prior to testing. Avoid food when spitting into vials. If you wear dentures, remove them to prevent denture adhesives from tainting the spit."

Copied from :


Do post your saliva cortisol results. It's quite common for people with thyroid problems to also have adrenal problems. Both are part of the endocrine system and are governed by the pituitary.


Hi have had much worse adrenal function since my thyroid prob kicked off 10 years ago. This reading is the best it's been. I've worked on adrenal function for a while as can't tolerate the nutri adrenal support and taking licorice or isocort didnt seem to make much difference. It's improved through diet, controlling blood sugar and just being more chilled.

The figures could be better I guess but I have to go very steady taking new things.

8am 15.5 (12-22)

11am 5.7 (5-9)

4pm 4.8 (3-7)

1.1 (1-4)

Dhea ratio is 1.77 (1.0-4)

Many thanks


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