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I had a colonoscopy & the Dr noticed some inflammtion which he thought may be due to parasites so he prescribed Fasigyn 500mg Tinidazole

I'm inclined to not take the antibiotics and to ask more questions. But not sure what questions to ask. It would be good if he could definitely find what sort of parasite exactly and which is the least dodgy antibiotic to use to get rid of them or is there a natural remedy? I have Hashimoto's and my bowl movements have changed over the last 6 years (cow pats or pebbles) but not severe constipation or diarrhea so went to see a gastroenterologist to see if he could help (private health insurance overseas). He seemed very kind and keen to help but likes to dish out the pills...

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Wouldn't it make more sense to have a stool test done for parasites to determine exactly what is going on? Instead of just taking out a bazooka and shooting willy nilly with antibiotics? If they don't know what it is, then find out. What ever happened to 'evidence based medicine'?

Where are you on planet earth?


Gabi, It's hardly surprising bugs are becoming antibiotic resistant when doctors prescribe without knowing what bug they're targetting :x

Soldieress, I think you've made the right decision if you can live with it until you find out precisely what parasite it is. No point in destroying good gut flora with the wrong antibiotic.

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The medication prescribed is like metronidazole. Kills both bacteria and protozoans. I think it is better to find out exactly what is going on, if possible, and then prescribe. It might end up requiring the same drug as was suggested but at least then she'd know. Better to have informed consent.


Thanks gabkat and Clutter for your replies. After taking the stuff (Dulcolax tablets and Klean-Prep) to clear me out (which probably also cleared me out from good flora) my anus hole was very sore and stinging and bleeding a bit. So I'm wondering if the inflammation is due to the clear out. Or although he thought there were no signs of inflammation due to gluten maybe it was. My test for gluten sensitivity came out negative twice recently but positive for casein and yeast. I sometimes produce a dollop of mucus with a bubble or 2 inside and sometimes a little bit of poo or blood. Is that also a sign of parasites? Unfortunately it hasn't appeared in my stool samples. Although it did once and they still reported no mucus? So I've been taking photos. I don't have hemorrhoids. Maybe I should try a parasite detoxification herbal remedy. Does anyone know of one?



Have you had a stool test with three samples like the one Genova do ?

Also there is a stool test just for parasites with three samples that I got done via Allergy UK and they get it from the Hospital for Tropical Medicine. This might be worth looking into.

I guess best way to test for gluten is either total elimination or private testing but you need to be eating gluten everyday for this to be accurate.

There is a view that parasites only take hold of a weakened gut so it might be worth reading around gut health and looking at Sarah Myhill's or Charles Forsythe's websites - both trained GPs who now practice differently. There's lots on the gut and diet too.


Anti-biotics generally kill bacteria not parasites. But for small bowel bacterial overgrowth SIBO (you need methane and hydrogen breath tests to tell if you have that) they usually prescribe two types of anti-biotic, one knocks out the hydrogen producing ones and the other the methane ones (you can look it up online).

For parasites, you need to know what they are and then take meds that kills them - like worming a dog - at least that's what they did back when I was a kid. Various herbal remedies like rue, black walnut, garlic and wormwood are supposed to kill parasites (look up humaworm online, for example - not a recommendation, just an example).

Enteric-coated peppermint oil is supposed to be good for many gut problem, but do your own research. You'll need decent probiotics to put everything right afterwards.


Don't disagree with you but Tinidazole is recognised as both an anti-biotic and an anti-protozoan.


Just by co incedance I am on Tindosal too. For Lyme.

I payed a lot of money at Breakspear

And nothing showed in my bowel test for parasites.

I just had my 4th test for Lyme Disease it's come back positive.

It was saying paracites keep the Lyme and co infections going which is what the Tick also carry.

Chlomidia is also carried in the tick and other biting insects.

Not just bowel but blood and urine tests for paracites.

Chlomidia also goes with MS.



I believe a lot of homeopaths use this herb:-


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