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T4/T3 - causing symptoms of overmed after 7 days

Hello Everyone

here I am again, with more troubles. Hope someone can offer some advice please.

Having 'failed' a T3 only trial of 2 months which made me very ill (felt hyper all the time and could only gt my dose up to 18.5mcg split of Cynomel) last week I gave up and my endo thought we should try a combination of Levo and Cynomel. He put me on 50mcg Levo plus 6.25 ofT3 per day and I started last Friday night. I decided to take half the levo at bedtime and the rest on awakening with the T3.

For the first few days I felt tired after lunch but much better than on the T3 only, more calm, less anxious. Wed and yesterday I felt that I had turned a corner at last and hooray this could work. Ha ha.. Last night I wanted to keep eating, didnt sleep at all well, felt wired and tired, and this morning (took my meds as usual) but all day have felt overmedicated/hyper - pulse rate up, heart palps, shaky, hungry, brain fog, blurred vision etc. I still feel rubbish and shaky now and sick.

I weigh 7.5 stone (47 kilos) - is the dose too much for my weight. I am 58. Which do I cut down - the Levo, or T3 or both ?

I am intending to try DHEA asap but am worried to start it now. I am trying to support my adrenals with herbs as cant take glandulars.

Thanks in advance

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Daffers, it sounds as if the T4 has kicked in. It takes about 7/10 days. Try 25mcg T4 for 5/7 days and see whether the symptoms improve. If they do, try 25mcg/50mcg on alternate days for another week before increasing to 50mcg daily.

The dose isn't too much for your weight, I'm 46.4kg and taking 75mcg T4 + 30mcg T3.


As ever, thanks so much Jackie for your help. Do you ever wish you could put on a bit of weight - I know I do!

Her we go then on 25 a day . ...


Daffers, I'm as mad as a box of frogs about mine. I was 49kg in April (gawd bless caramel eggs). I was a little overmedicated and have just reduced dose and I'm force feeding myself whether or not I want food until I get >55kg.


"Mad as a box of frogs".......................oMg............LOL! Thanks Clutter. Appreciated it.

Eat bacon. Lots of bacon. Fry your eggs swimming in bacon fat. Dip your toast in it too. That'll get you nice and hippy. :)


Much as I lurve fried bread it doesn't love me back, Gabkad :( But I do love banana fried in bacon fat in buttered toast...dribble :-D


banana fried in bacon fat in buttered toast? Is that a typo or for real?

I didn't say fry the bread, just dip it. Sheesh. Smoked bacon.

Slow roasted pork belly..........get your glycine for your skin and bones....

See? Eat the caloric density stuff. Pass on the fluff.

Spaghetti carbonara. Fettucine alfredo.

Okay, that's it. I have the opposite of your problem.

This week-end I'm making a big batch (too many corn on the cob around here) Thai corn/shrimp/crab/coconut chowder....... That would put the meat on your bones for sure. But alas, I am too far away to feed you. :)


It's the nana fried in bacon fat and eaten as a toasted sarnie.

I love corn on the cob too (apart from the bits that stick in my teeth). The chowder sounds scrummy. Wish you lived next door.

I do pretty well on rib sticking casseroles, stews and thick soups in the winter.


55kg is what I was when I was well .. I just don't understand how we can be hypo but lose all that weight. I look like an ageing skeleton. Could you tell by symptoms that you were overmedicated or was it blood tests/urine tests ? Did you find the T3 caused you to lose your appetite - I really thought I was getting an eating disorder at one time

Must say I love the idea of fried banana in bacon fat - might try that for breakfast - and other stuff that you and Gabi have been musing off to fry up some sausages now



Daffers, I've always been underweight for my height but I suddenly put on weight and went up almost 3 dress sizes in a few months. Felt and looked good though. I suspect that was the start of Hashi's kicking in. Dropped 13kg in 10months and was having awful hypo and hyper symptoms and lump appeared in my neck. TSH 2.30 and antibodies 230 so no treatment until thyroidectomy as thyCa found after partial thyroidectomy to remove large nodule. I lost another 4kg after starting Levo and it fluctuates between 45 and 49kg since.


Some adrenal support info from other threads:

You will want to make sure you are supporting your adrenals. Adrenals run on salt, so you want to get some of the unprocessed sea salt, like Celtic Sea Salt and take 1/4-1/2 tsp in 16 oz of water several times per day. Plus, you want to get a good ionized multimineral, a good multi B like Swanson's Activated B's with methylfolate not folic acid and around 1000 mg of a real vit. C and not ascorbic acid per day. Sublingual methyl b12, 500-1000 mcg, can be very helpful as well as magnesium at 5 mg per pound of body weight. Making your adrenals happy can help with weight issues.

Some have found 200 mg of selenium per day have helped bring down antibodies:

I worked on my adrenal repair as natural as I could. I supported them with DHEA-5 - sea salt and high levels of Vit C to repair them. The adrenals are complicated - if not more so - than thyroid can be for a patient and treatment/conditions vary widely from patient to patient. I found good things doing this treatment plan and why I chose it was I wanted to not go to extreme levels to medicate if not needed - ie - HC treatment.

DHEA adrenal support, also for depression


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