Potential Hormonal issues

Hi - would appreciate anyones experiences/ideas on what it might be.

For the last 7 months, on the penultimate day of menstruation, I start to have an issue with my back passage where there is an uncomfortable need to bear down and go to toilet. It is controllable but, the feeling is constant and lasts for a few days after.

I have been to GP and they said that they dont know what it is except that as it occurs at this time, it is probably hormonal. It is very uncomfortable and I could do without it tbh - has anyone had a similar experience?

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  • Could it be rectal cramps? webmd.boots.com/digestive-d...

  • Thank you for your response - not sure that any of them particualarly fit because of the fact that it always occurs at the totm without exception and always on the second to last day. It is not exactly pain either just discomfort i.e the feeling of needing to bear down to defecate and when you do it, there is relief but only for a very short period of time. So ticked off with this because it is very uncomfortable.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to look though

  • Can be related to prostaglandin so totm issue for some people (admittedly a bit late in your cycle). Also can be related to endometriosis.

    Not everyone gets the stabbing pain; it is sometimes described as a feeling of wanting to defecate, even in early stages of the more acutely painful version (which is what I get, lucky me). You could try nsai painkillers next time - I read that ibuprophen is a prostaglandin-blocker - or a hot bath just to see if there is any effect.

    Not trying to sell this to you :-) ; just might be worth trying the remedies to see if they help.


  • What are NSAI painkillers is NSAI the brand?

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug


    E.g. aspirin, ibuprofen


  • Ah I see, I have tried taking ibuprofen a couple of times but not seen any improvement. I agree with doc that it is hormonal but not sure why it comes

  • Do you use a tampon? That would leave less room in that area and so other forces may come into being!

  • Yes - never had this issue before though, only recently and used them pretty much always

  • Hi Sandra - I have had this too esp. after operation for prolapse. Two other friends have had the same problem after the operation. Mine has miraculously disappeared thank goodness and I am not sure why. I thinks it's a sort of muscular cramp or perhaps even an infection as something is causing this terrible pressure. I have had tests and nothing has been found. The only difference to my life-style is I am not eating nuts and having prunes for breakfast. It was so bad lying on a hot water bottle was the only thing that eased the pressure. I do hope you are feeling better soon- this is so miserable. Jax x

  • Thanks Jax

    How long did yours take to go away? I had to have some of my bowel removed in an op but that was over 3 years ago.

    My GP checked but could find nothing either - said she didnt know what was wrong and then tried to fob me off with medication for bloating!!! I asked her why she said she didnt know but it might help!!!!

  • Hi Sandra - It has taken exactly 1 year for this to go away. In fact I was booked to have a Evacuation Protogram xray but cancelled as the pain has gone away and I am afraid of upsetting things again. Has your dr. arranged for you to see a specialist? Jax

  • I had to ask! she was going to send me saying that she didnt know what it was. I havent sorted out the referall yet - can you tell me what a Progogram xray is?

  • Hi Sandra - It's a bit embarrassing but here's the details - first you are given a paste enama which shows up when xrayed then you have to evaquate your bowels sitting on a special toilet which xrays how your bowel is working. It sounds a bit grim but necessary to find out how the bowels are working. Because mine seems OK now (fingers crossed) I have cancelled because I am terrified of upsetting things again. Have you seen a gyny? It sounds as though pressure from your uterus is pressing on nerves higher up in your bowel I am not a medic but could be pollyps or endometriosis or just pre--period pressure. I am sure that pressure and bruising is why I had the pain as I had a slight uterine prolapse, a minimal rectocele and moderate cystocele operation last year and that dreadful pain was the worst thing of all. I have discovered that with this op. your uterus is hooked up behind your elevator ani muscle which I think is where the pain comes from and my two friends who had the same operation have had exactly the same experience.. I hope you don't mind me giving you a bit of advice based on my experiences because for some reason women don't discuss these things - I have been very fit and active all my life but my problems started after the menopause due to lack of estrogen so if I had my time again I would have taken HRT, also we are not told the importance of pelvic floor exercises nor are we told exactly where the muscles are that we need to exercise so I would have done those properly and regularly. Hope you don't mind you offering advice - sorry to sound like a know-it-all but I have tried to understand this since my op. and our internal organs are only divided by muscles and a thin membrane. We women have to stick up for ourselves and I think women doctors are the worst. Mine was hopeless and tried to fob me off with all sorts of contraptions which only made things worst. Good Luck and I hope this has been helpful. Jax x

  • Jax

    Please do NOT apologise for sharing your experience with me - I am extremely grateful to you and all the posters because as I said, my doctor did not try very hard to get to the bottom - she said she didnt know and wanted to prescribe me just anything it seemed (prescribing me things to stop bloating when that wasnt my complaint baffled me and she didnt even know why she did it herself 'it might help' was her response).

    Did you get this on the NHS or did you go private?

  • Hi again Sandra - I got the referral through the NHS but I went to see the other (male) dr. at the pratice. I saw the specialist in Lincoln and he passed me on to a senior specialist in Nottingham as he wasn't sure but thought it was muscular . I still feel I ought to go and see him so have postponed app. until next month but I am terrified the test will upset everything again. You say you had a bowel op. a few years ago - just thinking about scar tissue. I had this pain a few years ago and it went away and I have never discovered why and it came back after the op. last year. I do feel for you as the pain is just awful. xx

  • Thanks Jax

    I will go back to see GP again now that I have this info and go and see a different doctor - it is troublesome and very uncomfortable and it was playing on my mind that there might be a connection between that and the bowel op too.

    Thanks so much for your helpful and informative replies Jax


  • Pleased to be of help, Sandra do hope you get this sorted out soon. Remember you are not alone. Jax x

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