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I need help with thyroid results

I thought I was hypothyroidism because I have so many symptoms but my doctors says I'm not.....

Can you help me with this ?

My TSH is 1,30 (0,30-4,20 mU/L)

My FT4 is 13,2 (12,0-22,0 pmol/l)

My FT3 is 3,5 (3,5-6,7 pmol/l)

I put the range in the parenthesis.

She said that low numbers mean hyperthyroidism... I don't believe it !!

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Tmb2, Hyperthyroidism presents with suppressed TSH <0.03 and FT4 and FT3 elevated above range. Hypothyroidism generally presents with high TSH and low FT4 and FT3. Your TSH is in the 'normal' range and doesn't suggest hyper or hypothyroidism but your low FT3 means you are lacking the active T3 hormone needed in every cell in the body and you are functionally hypothyroid.

TSH is a pituitary hormone produced to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more T4 for conversion to T3. If you have any sort of pituitary dysfunction TSH levels aren't to be trusted and should be ignored. Diagnosis must be made on FT4 and FT3 levels only.

Ask your GP to test your pituitary function and to consider secondary hypothyroidism as a diagnosis and refer you to an endocrinologist. Your thyroid gland may be functioning perfectly but without the correct pituitary stimulus you will need thyroid hormone replacement to address your hypothyroid symptoms.


thank you so much !


I'm glad you don't believe it, 'cos your doctor needs to go back to med school pronto. Whatever happened to Continuing Professional Development. I'm going to copy below what I wrote to someone else a few days ago. As then, you have my permission to print it out and show it to your doctor.

"A quick lesson in thyroid hormones (very simplified). Your pituitary produces TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). This does what it says on the tine - it stimulates your thyroid to produce 5 things, including T4 and T3.

T4 is an inactive hormone which is converted by the body into T3. T3 is the active hormone which is used by every cell in the body.

It is lack of T3 that makes you hypo and too much t3 that makes you hyper. This is why it is essential to measure FT3, that is the only reliable indicator of whether or not you are hypo.

You need to know FT4 also as you need to know if you are converting effectively from T4 to T3. If both are low in range, then you need more thyroxine (T4). If FT4 is high in range but FT3 low, then you are not converting properly and might benefit from the addition of some T3.

TSH is only useful once a patient has been diagnose as hypo. If it is high, then your pituitary is working properly and you have primary hypothyroidism.

If you are hypo (FT3 low) and TSH is low then your hypothyroidism is secondary (or tertiary) - you have an under performing pituitary or hypothalamus."

She can check all that by going to the Pulse website and looking at the CPD module on thyroid on Pulse


Wow thank you I feel so much better :)

She said that if TSH numbers are low it means hyperthyroidism and high numbers actually mean hypothyroidism.

Does this also go with T4 and T3 numbers ? :S


She's half right. If your FT3 is low AND your TSH is high then yes, high TSH = hypo. That means you have primary hypothyroidism, ie your thyroid isn't working properly.

However, if your FT3 is low AND your TSH is low then you have secondary (or central) hypothyroidism, ie your pituitary isn't working properly.

Low FT3 = hypothyroid. FT3 is the only true indicator of hypothyroidism

Low FT4 = hypothyroid (if not on thyroxine). Or is meaningless if you are on T3 only meds or NDT.

Low TSH = properly medicated if FT3 and FT4 are high but in range

Low TSH = secondary hypo (pituitary issues) if FT3 and FT4 are low


Hashimotos ? Did you have your anti-bodies tested ? - all my TFT's were in range - just high TPO and Tg :-)


I don't know what anti-bodies is. I just asked for a thyroid check :/


If you have high anti-bodies - they are called Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg - then you have the auto-immune condition called Hashimotos. It is the most common of all thyroid conditions. However if they are not tested how would you know ? Docs try not to test due to costs possibly. So you can have anti-bodies but in range TSH - FT4 - FT3. It is best to catch it early rather than wait for the TSH to climb to over range.

Anti-bodies attack and destroy the thyroid you will need replacement. Please ask for this test as it is important.

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