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Falling to bits

Hi guys

Lately I have been having a lot if problems

Abscess's in my ear canal & my in my nostral that hasnt improved much with antibiotics

Nose bleeds

Easily bruising

Mouth ulcers

Muscle pains & aching join

Short of breath on exertion

Sweating profusly on exertion

Dizzy spells

And my old companion Exhaustion

I wake up tired & push myself through my work only to not be able to go to sleep

Dr is checking my bloods. & I get the results Tuesday but I'm just wondering if this is normal?

I did test positive for thyroid anti-bodies before having my thyroid removed

im on 175 gm thyroxin

Hoping for good news

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When you last posted eight months ago - lots of people advised you that you could have an adrenal problem and you were thinking that testing would be on your list ! Did you manage to get them done ? Also I posted at that time suggesting it may be useful to know your T3 levels - has it been tested ?

At that time you said your B12 and other tests were fine - do you have the results for them - perhaps they are not quite optimal and may be preventing your dose of T4 from converting into the Active T3. often when GP's say normal or fine the results are only just in range and NOT OPTIMAL :-)

It sounds as if your immune system could be struggling - VitD ? - and now taking anti-biotics could be upsetting your gut flora and adding to the problem.

Hope you soon feel better......

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No I couldn't convince the dr to test me- will have another go tues. I will post my test results - being tested for vit D FBC RBC ESR coagulation test TSH can't remember the rest. & not sure if T 4 & T 3 are in there

I hope I feel better soon too as I am tired of being tired



I think it is best to have the Saliva Testing for Adrenals - and that can be done privately. Go to the Thyroid UK website and under Testing you will find information about the labs that will do it. They send the kit to your home. Discount available through Thyroid UK....

Just the TSH is not enough to show the full picture - you need the FT4 and the FT3 - otherwise how do you know your T4 dose is working for you....


Adrenals and vitamin b for starters..... Suggest you get a saliva adrenal test.... You would need to do this privately as the doctors don't or won't do it. Apparantly it was good enough for NASSA astronaughts but the doctors don't trust it :-)

I had inner ear abcesses for many years, but the problem with them is that they can burst your ear drums.... Mine did.... Removing my tonsils and adenoids stopped the Bsesses in my ears but they moved to my teeth......

No amount of continued tiredness or illness caused by thyroid problems is normal, and it is possible to give you enough of the correct meds so you have a proper life.

You are going to have to take action to get the tests you need.... Its possible that relying solely on your doctor has helped to get you in this mess..... You need to give some input too.

Xx. G

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Sorry to hear you are suffering so much, maybe a trip to see Dr Peatfield? or maybe reading his book will be enough. You seem very run down, are you taking lots of Vitamin C (buffered if you need something gentle) - you would be surprised how much that helps the immune system - Dr P makes a big point about it and as always he is right.

It does get better

Best wishes



Thanks Deb

Not sure who Dr Peatfield is or which country.

What is the name of his book? I am willing to try anything as am over being run down :-) haven't totally lost my sense of humour yet

It's been a long journey so far

Take care


I completely understand - I have been in the same boat, it is an awful place but it will get better.

The book is called 'your Thyroid and How to keep it Healthy: the Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it' Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield is is the UK. His book was a real comfort to me when I really had know clue what was going on and why the docs kept saying all is ok when clearly it wasn't.

It is a long Journey and an awful one at that but providing we alter things to suit our bodies requirements things will improve

Best wishes



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