anyone else get this adrenalin symptom?

Hi, I get what I have always called my adrenalin symptom since I was diagnosed with M.E three years ago. It is at worse like a heavy weight pressing on my chest, at best it is like fingers or a hand pressing on my chest, particularly focused between my breasts. I don't know why I call it adrenalin, but it feels like it, and as I unpick what is M.E what is possibly my thyroid I just wondered if any other hypo people ever experience that symptom? If so have you noticed any pattern of what provokes it makes it worse? It os ver physiological, not emotional, I don't do mental anxiety much. When I had the saliva stress test 3 yrs ago my DHEA was slightly low, I've just had another one now I have a clearer idea of what is going on, and am expecting the results soon.

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  • Sorry I can't help with your question but when you get your saliva rest then please post that. In sure that will help overall comments

  • Thanks silverfox

  • I also get this and although I had a 48 hour trace done was told nothing showed up it doesn't seem to have a trigger although climbing stairs is guaranteed to bring it on but that could be due to weight and blood pressure issues ut can also occur when watching tv I take 100 levothyroxine and have just had my ramapril dose upped by gp after mentioning this symptom thus doesn't seem to have eased it yet. I also feel as if I cannot breathe deeply as before but gp cannot find any congestion

  • Thanks, yes mine builds the longer I am upright, or if I do too much so is part of my orthostatic intolerance. I also get the breathing deeply problem, but I think it's to do with the cells of the lungs and the heart not being properly metabolised. Is ramapril a beta blocker?

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