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why do dr lie

So i called the dr this morning about unrine infection ..which we sorted out .. he tells me the my blood tests are back .. and they are fine same as before .. so thats ok i thought .. i still was confused about why i was getting jittery and tremoros as i thought my levels may have moved up from TSh .2.60.T4 10.3 and t3 3.01. but i belived him untill i remembered hang on he never told me levels .. i called back got my levels and t3 and tsh are the same but my t4 has gone up to 13 .50 .. I know its still in the so called normal range but he told me it had not changed from my last results .. I have graves and since they droped me from 20 mg to 10 mg of carb I have not felt right .. and its getting worse but no one seems to care ..I new my levels had gone up I could tell ... feeling really fed up .. why lie?

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Wendy, do you have the lab ref ranges for your results (the figures in brackets after your results)?

FT4 13.50 is quite low in most ranges which usually go up to 22 or 24. I think your FT3 is probably below range and you are experiencing hypothyroid symptoms and TSH 2.60 is a bit high. It suggests to me that you are slightly overmedicated and you may feel better if your Carbimazole is reduced slightly.


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