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Hypothyroidism and the Adrenals

This is an interesting paper that Lorraine at Scottish Thyroid petition found. PR

"In conclusion, this prospective study of patients with different severities of primary hypothyroidism showed, using the low-dose cosyntropin test, an improved cortisol response after normalization of thyroid hormone levels. The mechanism of impaired cortisol secretion in cases with hypothyroidism

still has to be elucidated but our data support an adrenal rather than a pituitary affection."

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Hi PR, I don't think I understand exactly what they proved but it looks like a significant study.


Docs tend to dismiss the concept of mild adrenal insufficiency, they just look for extremes. PR


Well, a doctor's blog I followed for ten years felt that all forms of stress (chemical, emotional, biological) first overloads the hypothalamus and real healing may come through the relaxation response relieving that stored stress. We know that adrenals are probably the first reactors so it makes sense.


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