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Lowered NDT just to see feeling shattered and slightly forgetful. Will this effect my adrenal saliva test results?

Hi guys,

I dropped my dose down to 3 grains for the last week and I feel rubbish. I thought I would try as I had an RT3 test done and the ratio was not good etc. So I thought I would lower the dose to see how I faired. I'm so tired after eating dinner and in the afternoons but seem to wake up at about 10pm. Which should mean my adrenals. I still havent done my adrenal test as I've been away and out of my regular pattern but this week Im back to normal. However, would my drop from 3.5 to 3 grains give me a different adrenal reading? Or will this not effect it?

Thanks for your help

:) xx

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Bexy, how did you feel on 3.5 grains?


Hi, Bexy! Have you considered adding some T3 instead of NDT you dropped?

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