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Healing the thyroid naturally?

Probably a silly question...

I have been hypothyroid for more than 14 years so know a thing or two about the whole NHS/Thyroid situation and how it all works... I am new to this forum though so I apologise if I am asking an already answered question...

I believe that every illness has a direct cause, (that most GP's/Specialists treat only the symptoms of), and have recently found that mine is of an autoimmune nature, so my train of thought is this...

If I heal what is causing the autoimmunity (naturally) then my thyroid will be able to rest and heal itself (long term obviously) so if that's the case if it gets well enough then maybe I can begin to wean off the thyroid meds? (again-long term) and hopefully come off them altogether..

I'm not completely daft so I know it may never happen, especially after all these years of taking levo but what if it did? wouldn't it be great to tell all these bad endos/doctors to sod off? I am in contact with a naturopath and considering training as such myself, also have a good GP who is doing his best to help me so its not like I'd be going it alone without proper guidance and relevant testing...

Which brings me to my question... Has anyone ever done this and succeeded? Even to just reduce meds etc and feel fantastic? (I miss my energy!) Or know of anyone past or present who has? Or even to point me in the right direction?

Thanks :)

Blessings of health to all xx

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Hi sootysgirl

Some people develop a temporary thyroid problem. Sometimes after childbirth in particular which then rectifies itself. A similar question has been asked and this is the link:-

If only doctors would treat symptoms but they don't. They only go by the TSH blood test and rarely test Free T3 which is the active hormone.

I hope you are successful with your new treatment.


Sootysgirl, members have made dietary and lifestyle changes which have improved their gut health which improves absorption of thyroxine and enables them to reduce their dose. Autoimmune attacks on the thyroid tend to damage the surface of the thyroid and cause it to atrophy which means it can't produce sufficient hormone for your body's needs. I don't think dietary change will repair damage but it may prevent further attacks on the thyroid.

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