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Thyroid and weight


Good Morning all !1

I am HypoThyroid I am on Armour which i had to fight hard to get ! My Question is

How does one shed pounds you have gained due to your Thyroid being out of wack?? I have tried so many Diets, Pills and Potions and spent so much money I feel I'm doomed to be over weight for the rest of my life ! I was told if you get on the right meds the pounds will fall off ! NOT TRUE !1

Thank you so much !

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How much Armour are you taking and for how long have you been taking it?What are your most recent test results?

How do you feel?

From my experience - my weight didn’t budge until I had a decent level of FT3 and I was feeling good. I also started doing light exercise and avoided unhealthy (sugary, carb rich) foods.

i'm on 120 been on it for over a year was on Nature Thyroid but its hard to come by.

Not sure oh mylabsI will ask for a copy !


Do you have Hashimoto's? Also called autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosed by high thyroid antibodies. If so then likely that you would find strictly gluten free diet helpful

Are your vitamin levels optimal- vitamin D around 100nmol, near top of range B12 and folate and ferritin at least half way in range

FT3 at least half way in range

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, GP will be unaware)

Not sure if i have Hashimoto's ! The last time they checked my Vit D it was ok not sure of B12 . I will be doing a Sliva test next week. Not sure what he will be testing with that> I am on Arumour not Levo

But, is Armour really the right 'meds' for you? It would seem not.

Well I can't not take Levo or Synthroyd they both made me sick. I wasn't as tired on Nature Thyroid. But still not weight loss, I really watch what I eat. I don't eat a lot of junk. No gulten either ! What is this Cytomel that some people talk about ? Do yo know

Cytomel is just T3. People add it to levo, or take it on its own. Sometimes that's the right medication.

You need to find out if you've had your antibodies tested. If you have Hashi's, NDT might not be right for you. :)

ok Thank you !!

I think you must live in Wyoming am I correct? I live in California and I just asked for the T3 and the dr gave it too me. Cannot take T4. But cannot loose the weight either

Yes I do live in Wyoming

Are you in the UK? If so, please tell me how you got a prescription for Armour?!

No in the USA sorry.

Ah, ok - I thought it was too much to hope for!

I am currently losing a pound a week by reducing calories to 1600. I walk my dog 4 times a day, spend half an hour doing gardening and once a week I go to a Tai Chi class. I put on 2 stone when GP insisted on reducing my Levothyroxine for 20 months in a vain attempt to bring my TSH up to 'normal'. Now taking T3 with the Levothyroxine, symptom free for the first time in over 10 years.

I tired losing weight on my own and didn't get anywhere. I am doing Weight Watchers new program on line. Seems to be teaching me about portion size and it basic healthy eating. Doesn't have any weird limits on foods. I so far have been doing it for 8 weeks and lost 12 lbs.....slow and steady so far so good. All the best!

I lost 25 pounds on Paleo. You have to be faithful though. No cheating

Do you track your food intake? You may eat good quality food, but that doesn't mean you will lose weight; you are likely unintentionally eating to maintain rather than lose.

Try tracking for a bit and make adjustments to reduce calories (from carbs or fat, not protein), ensure you're getting enough protein (0.8 g/lb bodyweight is a good rule of thumb), and see how that goes.

Good luck!

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