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T3 nightmare

I have had underactive thyroid for 43 years I have been on various doses of Levothyroxine over those years. I've read a lot about my condition as it is MY condition. One size fits all doesn't work . I wanted to lose 7 lbs in weight 2 years ago at 10st 7lbs. I enlisted with a trainer and did weight training and other exercises 3 times a week, kept a food diary eat all the right things as my trainer was monitoring everything and he still said I wasn't eating enough. After 2 years I now weigh 11st 12lbs I have tried my very best I promise you I have. I am check by the Doctor he has requested a T3 blood test twice now and the lab has ignored his request, I return to see another doctor who looked at my results and on the last one it said the lab agreed to do T3, but they didn't do it. The new doctor rang the lab and ask what was meant by the comment on my test results? and told they were very sorry T3 should have been done they had made a mistake. Dr has now requested a further test for T3 and has written in capital letters across the form. I am hoping it will be third time lucky and the test will be done. I know prescribing T3 is controversial in UK.


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They don't seem to do the FT3 test unless the doctor writes on the form that you are actually taking T3 or otherwise why they want it.

I can see from my early tests that the reports say " FT3 not tested, TSH is the standard test, check if GP still wants it" and the GP has then had to phone the lab to confirm.

Guess they are under standing instructions only to supply TSH results unless there is a special case.


Thanks for you support folks is so kind of you. I will be having my T3 blood test on 12th Sept so if that doesn't happen then I will pay for another test. even if I have to starve


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