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Help advise regarding pms

Can someone please give me some advice. Since having my baby being diagnosed with underactive thyroid ive got the worse pms/pmt ive ever had its starts about day 14 of cycle and around 7 days before af is due im awful moody horrible tearful tired want too be alone etc spoke to doctor and was offered anti ds or pill neither or which I want. So does anyone know of something else I maybe able too try current meds are levo 100mcg. Thanks

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Yes. You could perhaps, try progesterone cream.? . Here is the link.....

Its not just for menopause.....

G x


Also you may be low in B12 - your result needs to be near the top of the range. Also Iron - Ferritin - Folate and VitD need to be tested and towards the TOP of their ranges for you to feel well. It would be helpful if you posted some blood test results - TSH FT4 FT3 - only with those results and their ranges can you see what is really going on.... Low B12 can cause depression and well done you for refusing the AD's...

Do hope you soon feel better....


Hi I am sorry you are suffering with this I have watched my daughter change from the sweetest ,lovely girl into someone we cant even recognise for 10 days before her period with symptoms just like yours.She tried all the vitamins , evening primrose oil.pill and anything GP could suggest but none of it made any difference. Like you she didnt want antidepressants. There is a severe form of pms called pmdd and this is what it obviously was .In thecend the GP told her the antidepressants are the only clinically proven thing to help.She only has to take them for 10 days per month before her period is due.Her life has been transformed. Axsk your GP to send you to a pms clinic .

Its your choice bit I can only tell you of her experience. She does not have a thyroid problem but does have another autoimmune condition. I hope you find something to help.take care x


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