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I've been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I'm taking 10mg of carbimizol and beta blockers daily. Originally I was on steroids too for pain and swelling of my thyroid but this cleared up. I've now been on the carbimizol for 3 weeks, it's working well as the tiredness, tremors and palpitations have gone but my thyroid has started to swell again and is very painful and uncomfortable! Doc says he can feel nodules and has referred me to a specialist. What can I expect next?

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HI An ultra sound of the thyroid and if there are nodules and not just swollen , essential biopsy of nodules, just in case.


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The Endocrinologist should feel your thyroid and book you in for an ultrasound scan . Don't be alarmed if the appointment letter states that you should attend a biopsy clinic to have the scan. I practically passed out with fright when I received a letter saying you must attend the biopsy clinic. A biopsy clinic usually runs alongside a scanning clinic. The actual scan is painless and if I remember correctly takes about 10 mins.


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