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New Member - Hypo/HyperThyroidism

Hello everyone

I am waiting to go into UCLH Autonomic Unit for tests for auto-immune & connective tissue disorder tests, waiting, waiting...

I was 'diagnosed eventually' several years ago with Dysautonomia, but new symptoms emerged a year ago, and it took until this July for appointment after to-ing & fro-ing with useless GP. I seem to have a lot of symptoms that fit both types of thyroidism, is it possible to have an intermittent problem with the thyroid, sometimes hypo sometimes hyper? It feels very lumpy and enlarged, front of neck looks bigger but not typical goitre 'style' seen in images. GP only did TSH which was 0.94; previous GP did TSH few years ago and it was 2.46, none of them seem to do T3/4 & follow up tests to confirm! I tick so many of the symptoms on Thyroid UK 'lists' wonder if it has been Thyroid all along & not Dysautonomia!

Thank you for reading and any advice/support :-)

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Hi TigerTea, Yes, it is possible to have hypo and hyper. It is called Hashimotos disease. You will find out plenty about it on this site. It is more common than Graves', which is hyperactive thyroid all the time, (unless dealt with by medication or destruction of the gland). You should definitely get a proper blood test giving freeT4/3 and TSH plus thyroid antibodies. Also ask for checks on B12, folate, Vit D, ferritin and serum iron. These should all be high in range for good thyroid health and not just "normal".

I am sure you will get advice from members with Hashis but do post the blood test results, when you have them to help them give further advice. What exactly are the symptoms of your disautonomia?

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Thank you Hennerton,

I'm sorry I have been having a tough couple of weeks, I had a Reflexology session, which was good, but it seemed to kick my immune system into warp drive and I have been experiencing flu like symptoms, minus the fever, in fact my temperature is low, and I'm struggling now with bad irritability, coming out of nowhere. GP is useless, autonomic consultant doesn't respond to desperation for tests to get started, I guess from reading other posts on here, it's all parr for the course sadly. I'm going to try again [sigh] to see a different GP & get blood tests you suggest, thank you for caring :-}


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