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Thyroid Article In Daily Mail Plus Post By Author

There is an article about thyroid in the Daily Mail which has already been mentioned on the forum.

If anybody would like to add their story it couldn't hurt.

There is also a post by the author of the story on his blog which adds some more info.

Thanks to Lorraine of the Scottish Thyroid Petition for posting both links. PR

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Thanks for posting the links, PR4NOW. Am now following Jerome Burne on WP and Twitter.


I wrote a comment in the daily mail article .And i just read the authors blog (thanks for posting this)as the comment he makes about a doctor at Prince Charles Hospital ,i attend this hospital ,and i will enquire at my next visit ,its not till December but will ask and let you know if i get any info.

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Thanks PR4NOW, I did read the first link a few days ago, but it was good to read your follow up link from the Author too.

Information about thyroid sufferers is gradually networking out and getting to the eyes and ears of Doctors and Medics that have to be told they need to listen to their patients symptoms and not rely on the stupid blood tests that don't tell the real story.

Remembering Doctors years ago before blood tests, relied on symptoms only. :)

Also thanking Lorraine.

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