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Sudden depressive episodes - hypothyroidism - is it in my head or is it the hormones?

Hi all,

I'm new here. Diagnosed with hypo about 15 years ago & been on eltroxin ever since. Does goes up and down but on 75mg daily at the minute.

Over the last 15 years I have had a couple of depressive episodes (maybe three, that I can think of) and I'm wondering if it's something that's physological or could it be the thyroid?

I had another one a few days ago, they seem to come from nowhere.

I was fine one day & the next I couldn't stop crying for the whole day, feel completely hopeless and anxious and horrible.

I went to the doctor and they put on SSRI's to help balance out the chemicals.

I feel ok now but I'm so worried about it happening again, I feel very anxious about it now.

Has anyone else ever had this type of depression? Did it relate to your hypothyroid? Any advise much appreciated :)

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You may well be on too low a dose of Eltroxin. They are happy to dispense anti-depresants (some people do need them) but depression is also one clinical symptom of hypothyroidism as our brain contains the most thyroid hormone cells and if undertreated not enough T3 is produced. T3 is the active hormone and our brain contains the most.

I note you take Eltroxin but as far as I am aware it is unavailable in the UK so assume you are in another country.

If they have been adjusting your dose up/down for 15 years, it stands to reason they are (I believe) dosing you according to your TSH level and not how you feel. After the first year and are well it is assumed you are on the correct dose and need a blood test yearly only. When you get clinical symptoms you have to have another blood test. The Thyroid Gland is the Master Gland:-

You have to take control of your own health. Make sure you have the optimum medication for you. One that makes you feel well. It may be o.k. for GP to balance out chemicals but have they balanced on your thyroid hormones first? Did they do a blood test for the thyroid gland? You have to get copies of your blood test results each time you have a blood test, for your own records, and post thyroid results if you have a query.

Ask for a full thyroid function test, as you want to make sure your T4 is converting to enough T3. Psychiatrists also provide T3 for patients as the brain contains the most cells. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as you may be deficient which cause problems.

It is helpful if you could put your thyroid medical history on your profile. You can copy and paste some of the above and maybe expand a little, so that members can look at your profile when you need an answer and you and they don't need to repeat questions/answers.

To view someone's profile, just click on their name or photo.

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It's probably your thyroid. I've researched this because I felt so bad at times. You are more prone to depression. X


B12 needs to be at the top of the range....lots of good advice from shaws....


I used to get like that. It was partly menopause and partly low T3 (I think) as biohrt fixed most of it and T3 fixed the rest.


What's biohrt please Angel_of_the_north, and where do you get it from?


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