Help with latest blood tests ?

Help with latest blood tests ?

Hi all

I just picked up my latest bloods, could anyone shed any light? If you can see them very well I'll type them in. Had to succumb and go to the GP today as I have pain in my upper arms, hands and feet. I feel sure it's thyroid related . More blood taken to test for myalgia and arthritis. Looks like I have gone under active , not sure what the other results mean though. I'm still on 20 mg carb morning and 20 night plus 60mg propanalol morning and night. Any thoughts or advice as always much appreciated.

Thanks x

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  • Bijysbird, TSH is low but isn't a good guide in recently hyperthyroid patients as it may take a long time to recover. FT4 below range does mean you are underactive (hypothyroid) and you may be slightly overmedicated on 40mcg Carbimazole. It may be worth calling your endo to discuss your results and reducing your dose.

  • Thanks Clutter, I have unofficially cut it down to 20 myself about a week ago, naughty I know but I knew from new symptoms it was too high, seeing consultant later this week so will discuss. Thanks again

  • Hi there, your definitely overmedicated and become hypo. Be careful when reducing carbi in such big doses as it is a very strong drug. How have you been feeling since reducing to 20mg? I had awful experiences last year when I was misadvised to reduce from 40 to 20mg as my levels rapidly shot straight up again, very scary. You should really have been monitored very closely with regular blood tests every 4-6 weeks and your carbi being reduced accordingly by 5mg at a time. Hope your doing okay

  • Thanks for the heads up joy333 I felt I had to make a decision because of the inconsistencies and lack of communication between endo and GP 's. I feel not too bad apart from painful arms hands and feet which is a bit odd. I'm going to speak to the endo this week, hopefully he'll remember who I am ! . I really had to insist on a blood,test last week, the GP was going to leave it for three months so you kind of end up taking matters into your own hands. Sorry to hear you had a bad time, helpful for,me to aware so thanks again .

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