Where is the date of the post?

Can anyone tell me where to find the date of my past posts? It says "2 days ago" or "3 months ago" but is there any way of finding the actual date? Thanks.

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Now you mention it, it is a bit of a nuisance not to have an actual date. I think a date would be better as we would have to roughly count back, say, 3 months when the date could be displayed. Whereas we may want to search a particular month.

There is a help button on green bar at top of page you could send HU a comment. I think I will do so too.

Thanks, Shaws - will do.

I 'may' have mentioned this a few hundred times to them before....! :( *sigh*

The trouble is that we need a LOT of people to ask for something before it is considered popular enough to change it...!



I 'liked' that suggestion of yours several times during the revamp process.

Shame that almost nothing of what we painstakingly suggested and 'liked' via the green light bulb is being implemented. We're supposed to be delighted just because it looks different.

It is a bit quicker, that's true.

No argument here! :(

Not enough people - across the WHOLE of HU - used the green lightbulb.

So.... if people don't moan about something, they assume that they like it!

And if enough people don't 'like' an idea - they assume that not enough people want it...

Same old... same old....! :(



btw - different topic..... we are having a phone conference with Paul from BH on Monday. :)



Ah! I gotcha!

Tow things - would it be ok to ask in a post if people would find it useful to have a date mark, and see if anyone wants to ask you? And secondly, what's BH? :O

Schenks, BH is Blue Horizon. It might be better to post asking members to email support@healthunlocked.com about dating posts.

Okay - thanks clutter.

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