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Hi Every one.

Don't want to bore you all but I had been feeling so many body aches and pains particularly in my legs and feet. I am a horrific 5 stone over weight and no matter what can not lose weight I lead a busy life and people have always said they don't know where I get the energy from. Shear determination I think, because that is not how I feel. about 5 years ago I thought I had something wrong with my immune system as I had 27 coughs and colds in 1 year. As I worked with children it was dismissed as that as the cause and I was not sent for tests my blood pressure was a bit high and I was put on a water tablet each morning, at first this seemed to help with the pains I was getting in my hands,arms and feet. I had already had an operation for carpel tunnel.Then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. The amount of levothyroxin I take has increased to 125mg. However the aches and pains sometimes so debilitating were something I thought I would have for life it could hurt just to lift my arms or turn my neck. My knees were swollen and painful which I thought was arthritis. So I was unsure if this was the cause of the pains, cramps and muscle aches or the hypothyroid condition. I was sent for some tests and inflammation in my blood was found so I took a weeks ibuprofen 3 times a day. The result was my knees were so much better and I could move freely. Now for the interesting bit.--- The chemist gave me a different brand of Levothyroxin instead of Mercury which he didn't have he gave me 100mg of Almus and 25mg of Mercury as they are the only ones that make 25mg. I felt so much better and discussed with my doctor and the chemist who cut 50mg of Almus in half so that I get 125 mg of Almus Brand. I have always taken my tablets at about 4o'clock in the morning so they don't interfere with any other medication. The results is I feel so much brighter in my self and believe I can do the things I want without tremendous effort and pain. I do believe the problems I have now are just due to the overweight so if any one has any solutions for this one i would love them forever.

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It is amazing that sometimes a change of make of levo can make a difference, that's why it's important when first prescribed to make sure you get the same one each month. It makes it easier if problems arise and you can then ask to change to another. There are no Brand names at present in the UK and the ones that are available are generic. Eltroxin was the Brand Name but for some reason or other Mercury Pharma stopped this and lots of people complained that they weren't as well on generics.

This is a link re the TSH and weight gain and all of the clinical symptoms you mentioned above are due to low thyroid hormones. Yet GPs are unaware of them and they are treated as separate disorders and prescribed medication instead of adequate doses of thyroid hormones.

If you have a copy of your latest blood test results, with the ranges, post them for comments. You still may be undermedicated and Dr Toft of the BTA has said that some of us need the addition of 10mcg of T3 to a reduced T4. If your GP hasn't already tested B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as they can cause symptoms too.

I am glad you are feeling so much better.


Dear Administrator,

Thank you so much for your very helpful response. I can phone for my resent blood tests and follow up on them My doctor has put me on Vitamin D and Calcium (Adcal-D3) as my nails were so bad, she said my Vitmin B. showed okay. I'm unaware of any of the others that she might have tested for and unfortunately she is away for a month. I prefer to go to her so I follow through with the same person and she is very approachable. I will as I said get my last results and post them on here as you specialise in this area. Once again Many thanks.xx


Even tho' GP said B levels were o.k. She may mean that they are within the normal range. Sometimes that can be too low for us as it is beneficial to be towards the upper part. Vit B12 is actually very important, particularly for our neurological functions.

P.S. It's good that you have told the pharmacist your prefered levothyroxine so that he can make sure he has a stock for you. You want one that suits you and not an alternative.

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I just want to add that if you have told your pharmacist the name of your preferred levothyroxine, when you pick up your prescription always check that it is the ones you want. This has happened to me a few times if there is a locum or another person doing the prescrips and I have been given the product name but not the ones I want, so I tell them there and then and they change them for my preferred make.


Hi shaws, This is my last thyroid test reults TSH. O.75. T.4.16.05 and B.11 1.93 if you can help me understand this I would be very grateful. Thanks.


Gillykins, do you have the ranges for your blood tests - they are usually in brackets after the result. The results for TSH and T4 look o.k. (but need ranges). I don't understand the B.11 do you mean B12, if so, that's a strange result. 1.93


Hi shaws, I phoned today and this is what they gave me. I did ask for B12 and that again is what I was given. She said they needed to keep an eye on my TSH.

They told me to have them all done again in October as they were keeping an eye on my ESR as last time it showed inflamation. They said they also wanted to test my liver function but my Kidneys had shown alright.

My actual Doctor is not at the practice until September. I can phone again or shall I leave it till my next lot of tests.


It's always best to ask for a print-out as I, myself, find it difficult to take figures over the phone between results and ranges. If it is B12 (not B11) and the figure is 193, that's extremely low but it wouldn't be 1.93.

So in future, always get a print-out for your own records and each time you have a blood test. Make sure the ranges are stated as labs throughout the country differ.


Thank you so much. I will do that and report back to you.

I have bought some Vitimin B. Complex tablets which include B.12 can't hurt to try and improve my well being.


If you supplement with Vitamin B12, it has to methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin and this is a link:-


According to Ms. Pacholok and Dr. Stuart, methylcobalamin is believed to be more effective because it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby leaving the bloodstream and actually entering into the brain tissue where it is needed.


Wouldn't you know it I have the wrong type I will make sure I get the right one. Thanks for explaining and sending links tio me. Best wishes, Gilly


I'm going to pin this post for a bit.. :)

Very helpful! xx




Glad that you posted. Experiences of different products are very important - some people have significantly differing stories.

Your pharmacist is wrong to say that Mercury Pharma are the only ones who make 25 microgram tablets - they are also available from Wockhardt.

Information about thyroid hormone products in the UK and some internationally are available here:

Almus is the Actavis product packaged for Boots. (I believe that Lloyds also get Actavis packaged for them but we rarely see that mentioned.) Always look at the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) to be sure.

By the way, the dosages are in micrograms (mcg) not milligrams (mg).



Hooray for you! Love to get good news.

The theory about the unshiftable weight is that it will shift itself if you are optimally medicated. That's right, isn't it Shaws? Of course, establishing an optimal dose is very hard to do ...

I wonder you long you've been on the Almus? Is it possible that the change in brand may help with the weight too? Fingers x-ed!


I started taking 100 mcg Almus and 25 mcg Mercury for a month in June and have been taking 125mcg of Almus since about the 7th of July. I daily do feel better. I have actally lost about 3lbs so fingers crossed. Probably be back up next time I stand on the scales. Hope your keeping well.



Dear Folks, Thank you very much for your interest and help.

Here are my last readings which I don't really understand.

TSH. 0.75. T4. 16.05. B11. 1.93.


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