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help with results

hi manage to get my results this time with range . nurse say everything is good all in range.

could anyone please cheek if this is ok

on 150m levothyroxine

5mg of folic acid

vb12 injections every 8 wks

liquid iron

here results

folic 2.4

ferritin 12

t31.8 (0.8-2.5)

ths 4.18(0.34-5.00)


any feed back would be greatly appreciated

thank you

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Ayreshirelass, Your TSH is very high in range. It would usually be expected to be just above or below 1.0. If you have continuing hypothyroid symptoms you may need an increase in Levothyroxine.

Ferritin and folate look low. Ferritin is optimal 70-90 and folate high in range.


thank you for your quick reply still feel so exhausted all the time but doc at there best keep saying every thing fine and give you that look like it all in your head. will try to convince him to up it here hoping . thanks again

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Ayreshire, you should also ask for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested as deficient/low levels in hypothyroid patients are common and can cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and low mood. I do think an increase in Levothyroxine to bring down your TSH is what is required though.


had b12 done sorry it was 420 but i on 8 weekly injections as i have pernicious anaemia. also on folic acid tabs as it was low to, but they would not do vitamin d but will keep at them. thank again for you reply it makes thing clearer for me .


Vitamin d tests are available privately for £28 via an Nhs lab.....

Its really important to keep good levels..... And you need iron for the low ferritin......

Xx. G


drat I hadn't noticed they'd gone up £3 - thanks for that :D


Well, ayreshirelass, they may be 'in range' but they are far from 'fine'.

The TSH is too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. It should be Under one for most people - or even suppressed.

Both the T4 and the T3 are too low. Your T4 is below mid-range and your T3 is only just above it. Most people find they need their T3 up the top of the range - or even slightly over - with the T4 slightly lower.

However, it does look like you are converting OK. It's just that you don't have enough T4 to convert!

It looks like you need an increase in dose, but how do you feel? That's far more important than any blood test.

Hugs, Grey


thank you greygoose for your reply in a word terrible how i feel so tired all the time legs killing me put that down to pernicious anaemia. just don't feel like me. would love to get up in the morning and feel ok not like i not sleep at all. lol going to try get to talk to doc again so a great big thanks x


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