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Treatment of Iron-deficiency and B12-deficiency anaemias

I found this (will be taking it to my GP when I next see her) and thought that others might find it useful. It is a diagnostic pathway for the investigation and treatment of iron-, B12- and folate-deficiency anaemias (either singly or co-existing):

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Quite lengthy report but I did see thyroid mentioned in there, the trouble is GP's don't give out the injections easily, they only question if you are vegetarian or vegan, but we all know that this is not just the case.


Hi there

I tried to follow this link and got nowhere. Is it still available do you think?

many thanks



I don't know, Sue. I'm sorry!

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Me again :-)

just had a look around and have found another article that addresses iron deficient anaemia and may have some relevance so I will post link below. Thanks anyway.


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