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Any excellent Hashi DR's around London?

Anyone know of any Dr that'll aid me in my road to recovery from all these hashi symptoms.

As I wrote here 9months ago, recent symptoms include: Hair loss, thinning hair, brain fog, mental sluggishness, weakness to the extent I can't really run and if I do I get super tired! dry mouth...muscle cramps/aches all over especially legs. Reactive hypoglycaemia....(low sugar levels AFTER a meal) but generally I feel I have low sugar levels. Crave salty sugary foods and without out I do tend to become weaker, shake, dizziness. Dizziness and I feel the blood pump to my head on standing..slurred speech....and it goes on LOL

What would people recommend for those who are/were in my boat?

Private message me any Doctor's you know or herd of...or a guy who knows a guy who knows the Doctor?

:') thanks

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Are u not on any meds? you need thyroid test which nhs will do, although they will keep u undermedicated on levo. U could self medicate with ndt like many do. But u need the test results as a starting point.


I already have my results over a period of many years and already see my GP and endo but what they do is nothing beyond levo treatment.

Its time I meet someone who looks at my overall condition and treats me differently with some improvement


Firstly even if you are superbly treated running is likely to be out of the question full stop

Hashoimotos is an auto immune Disease and even with the best treatment there are limits in what you can do

Since we do not know what tests have been done or what the results are its hard to help

Get the results and the reference ranges and we will no doubt be able to assist


The sugar and salt cravings sound like adrenals. Give in to the salt cravings (unless you are diabetic), your adrenals need salt to function. And for the sugar you could try a little bit of dark chocolate or something made with coconut sugar, which will do you good.

And, as RFU123 said, ease up on the running. It is likely doing you more harm than good because it uses up your T3.

Hugs, Grey


My most recent results showed

TSH 10.72 (0.27-4.20)

FT4 13.8 (12.0-22.0)

FT3 4.5 (4.0-6.8)

Still need to wait to do the vitB12/follate/etc

I use to run about 3miles just 1.5 years ago but can hardly walk properly now. Too weak.

Which leads me on to my main question, who can I actually see that knows a thing or two. My NHS endo is utterly useless!


Hello, I think you are like many who just can not stay on whatever crap protocol their Endo uses. It does not work, basically, if you are still sick. Might need to think outside of the UK and look for Skype consultations over the internet. Some brilliant Functional Medical Doctors who can help and know exactly what to do. Some are more money then others but the POUND is stronger then the USDollar so it will work for you better (go further). I don't know if you saw the Thyroid Summit but they had wonderful doctors on there, the advice and summit was free and so was the Adrenal Summit. Check them out by Google them. Many people here also use Dr. Peatfield who does phone consults. Doctors also listed in "Stop The Thyroid Madness" which is a great resource for all of us. Catering world wide, so check it out. (Google STTM)


I have already had a free consultation with Dr Gil Kajiki from the US, CAL. and he seems to know his stuff but as they all are they are very discreet in revealing much information without being paid. Hence why I asked around for such doctors here but no one I see has tried them.

It'll cost me $500 per month for 4months plus $250 in adrenal home test kits and $152 in H.Pylori/Gut home test kit. That still is a lot of £££'s seeing as i'm a student and unable to work with this fatigue and brain fog.

This is despite all of us having free access in the form of the NHS :/


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