Sometimes I feel like whats the point of taking any meds?

I know Im being irrational but Im beginning to feel so tired of having things wrong with me and the constant struggle of over eight years of Fibromyalgia, severe adenomyosis(which was treated with UAE this year and so dont have as much pain with this now but for many years I was rolling in agony in bed for a week each month) and NOW the carryon that my Hashimotos and Iron probs and so forth. I would never consider suicide but I do have thoughts about it in the respect of getting some peace or sumthing similiar...As I said I would never do it (because of the people I love) but I dont like these thoughts.does anyone else feel like this sometimes or should I be telling my dr that I have this feeling at times....Just wondering or if it is common when you have alot of pain etc.....and multiple problems?

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  • Anuba, I do believe many people with chronic illness sometimes get disillusioned at times, particularly with pain and not being able to lead a normal life.

    The only way to think of it is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and when you get your full health back - it may take sometime - you can forget the bad experience and be able to help someone else who has the same problem.

  • Thanks is not all the time but when its bad its really quite allencompassing. I will prevail :)

  • I know exactly what ur talking about ,i also have a multitude of problems but i keep determined that i will get to health for my family,u should go and talk to ur doc and take someone who knows ur troubles with u .

  • Thanks....I will probs do that but you know I dont want my doc to think its cos Im depressed that it is causing my symtoms of fibro and hashis symtoms etc because I know what some of them are like. Yes - I wanna be the person i used to be a bit more....for myself and my husband/family. my husband has fibro from a back injury now too so we can sometimes both get really down.

  • Ben there pal,spilling my heart out to the doc and him looking at me like i have grown two heads,andhe asks have do u think u are depressed ,I am depressed coz am ill not because i have some chemical imbalance in my brain. Ya nutter.My bodyy is not working and i want u to fix it,coz thats ur job

  • Exactly!. Although once one doctor said to me when I mentioned it years ago...he said - well no wonder your depressed with all the things youve got wrong....that was the right thing to say lol....

  • Oh dear I have been having a lot of thoughts like that Anuba. I often feel I cheated death and should not really be alive now and feeling less that 100%, being bullied and hounded at work because I cannot work as fast any more, being unable to concentrate to read etc etc is the price I have paid to defy what nature had really intended for me. I often feel like giving up on meds but then start to recall how horrendous it was as I became so ill I thought I would surely freeze to death, the insanity, hallucinations, and all the other terrible symptoms. I could not deliberately opt to suffer that again - it would be a truly a dreadful way to die.

    One has to try and be optimistic and find gratitude for each extra day, and see it is a bonus. I guess I am grieving for that person I once was and took for granted, that I had to leave behind because of this affliction. Reconciling this is still not easy for me.

    My problems are more of the mind than the body if there really is any true distinction. It is such a rat race at work these days, it gets pretty depressing when you are hauled over the coals for having problems that are as a consequence of being ill, through no fault of your own.

    I think you should try and get help about it. You need the pain better controlled and more support. I am getting some counselling but not for 7 mths and I reluctantly take antidepressants. I don't think you should keep all those things inside and to yourself, it is not good for a person.

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