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Sensitivity in face around eye


When my levothyroxin is low, I experience a sensitivity around the eye socket area and down the cheek. It can feel like being slightly bruised or punched from inside.

I told a doctor this but she dismissed it as a sinus problem (but it is not painful). Then she said it could also be something to do with the nerves and she also recommended B12.

I feel this is an initial indicator of a levothyroxin deficiency as it has happened with unsuccessful adjustments in medication and over exertion.

Is this typical or documented as an associated symptom?

Thanks :)

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Hi Nadenud

On your Profile you don't give any medical history of your thyroid gland.

Do you have hashimotos? or hypothyroid. Thyroid Eye Disease can occur in hyperthyroidism.

I would ask your doctor to refer you to an opthalmologist in any case just to check your eyes properly.


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