Medication losing potency/degrading during international transport?

Has anyone experienced this problem? Something to do with being stored in the cargo hold of an aeroplane and being exposed to higher temperatures. We've got a batch that simply does not work and this looks like the best reason, <online pharmacy> have been great and are trying to help, I just wondered if this was a thing? I know that Mary Shomon has mentioned it in her blog.

I hope everyone is as well as can be expected.

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  • Hi

    Last year I went to South Africa. As i take my ndt in a split dose, i had no option but to carry it with me in boiling temperatures (39 degrees C) every day.

    I was very concerned about what the heat was doing to the tabs, but i can honestly say I felt no different symptom wise. I use Thyroid S

  • My Armour Thyroid patient leaflet said to store between 15- 30 degrees centigrade

    ( 59 and 86 farenheit )...... Would an aircraft hold really go above 86 degrees ????

    Mine too came from USA

  • Don't know about medications, as we alwasy carry them on us, but my son's glucose monitor would not work after my husband put it in the hold with luggage.

  • My tabs are not supposed to be stored above 25 degrees and they were in 39 - 40 degrees C daily

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