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Since my daughter was diagnosed at 13 with an overactive thyroid, and regained the serious amount of weight that she had lost, she has what i have seen others on here referr to as a 'moonface'; she seems to put weight on so easily here and i know affects her enormously. Im convinced itsconnected to her thyroid status; it doesnt 'sit well' on her, and she often doesnt look well, and is easily tired. I know others have mentioned this trait, and wondered if anyone knows enough about its causes to explain it; and is there anything she can do? She is now 22. She does 'block and replace' ; on carbimazole and levo. Thus far we/she has refused any other treatment.

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Morena, it will help members advise if you can post your daughter's recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results). Patients can become over medicated on Carbimazole and will then have hypothyroid symptoms.


ok thanks Clutter; is that a hypothyroid syptom then? Getting the results is very very difficult; shes her own boss now and because of our past history (of me overseeing and vetoeing interventions when she was younger )shes very sensitive about giving me much information. i was just trying to get some ideas so that i could find a way of suggesting things to her. She is on a high dose of carbimazole though; much higher than when i was more actively involved.


Morena. 'moon faced' and weight gain are generally accepted to be hypothyroid symptoms but hyperthyroid people, contrary to popular opinion, can have significant weight gain too. I'm not sure whether it is due to hyperthyroidism or Carbimazole. Hopefully she has regular thyroid blood tests to monitor her levels.


She has regular blood tests. She s put on a bit of weight lately but Im sure thats diet and inactivity and the stresses of finals. Weight goes onto the face before anywhere else; she was ''moonfaced''long before she put on any wieght on her body. I would love to take her to see a sympathetic specialist to get thingsright but its unlikely she'll agree to it.


I don't know about anyone else, but when I read "moonface" my first thought was Cushing's disease. Has she ever been tested for that?

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thanks lilymay. after googling i dont think that fits her picture. x


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