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Red Blood Cell Count?

Morning Folks

Can anyone tell me what the symptoms are for low red blood cell count? After getting his latest tests back yesterday, we saw that Paul's RBC was lower than the last one - again, below the normal range. (Doc did not pick this up even though it was pointed out to him) According to my research this signifies anenemia which would account for the strange dizzy episodes he keeps having and potentially solve the mystery!

Haemoglobin (MCH) high

(MCHC) very low

Red blood cell distributh width - very low

Lymphocyte count - very low

Any ideas?


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Hi Sheenah -am not very good on iron and red blood counts -am sure someone else will comment more


have you thought of posting this on the Pernicous Anemia Society's healthunlock? - just click on 'my communities' on the green bar at the top of this page and select 'browse communities' and it should come up with a list to scroll thorugh. They know loads about these types of blood tests :)


Many thanks Wavey - have posted on the site and will post any response here xx


oh this is serious! his RBC not only low but white too this may point to some serious issues and must be looked from hematologist!! it can be various things...bone marrow dysfunction...autoimune deseases etc...but def something that should be looked at! doctor can dismiss those results

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Thanks for your response Ivy - I have posted the results on the PA forum so we will see what comes back and will post xx


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