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I am 54 and over the last two and half years have lose three stone on a diet. Three months ago I was diagnosed with a underactive thryoid and am now on 50mg levothyroxine. At the same time as being diagnosed I started having major dental work four implants and then last week one of my bridges fell out. Most people are saying they put on weight but so far I haven't. I am now worried that the reason I haven't is because of my teeth as I cannot eat easily . I do not feel any different and in fact feel very depressed. ( but this could be due to my teeth) any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure if this will be helpful, but it's from a past similar post. One excerpt:-

I have suffered with gum disease for years and have a very good dentist who has helped save quite a few of my teeth. I then went on to T3 and both myself and my dentist couldn't believe the difference in my gums - they were bright red and very healthy. Unfortunately I had to stop the T3 and my gums have now reverted back to being prone to infection.

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Your dose of levo may need to be increased. 50mcg is usually a starting dose. If you can get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood tests, with the ranges (you just ask surgery and say its for your own records) and post them on a new question for comments. If you haven't already had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask for these to be done.

When you have a blood test, have it as early as possible a.m. and don't take levo until after the blood test. If you take your medication at bedtime, miss this dose and take next morning.

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