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Saliva Cortisol results - advice please


I have had the above 24 hour (4 sample) saliva results. Here they are

Sample 1 post awakening 29.8 H (range 12 -22)

Sample 2 + 4/5 hrs 3.4 L (5.0 - 9.0)

Sample 3 + 4-5 hrs 3.7 (3.0 - 7)

Sample 4 (bedtime) 10.7 H (1 - 3)

Would anyone know whether I need cortisol or any other supplement please, to balance things out?

Thank you

PS I have been hypo for 8 years, recently had to stop T4 due to overmed and bad reaction. I was not taking any med when I had the above test, but was starting a dental abscess so maybe the infection affected the readings?


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Samples 1 and 4 are way too high. I don't think you need cortisol, you need something to reduce the highs. Maybe try Holy Basil or seriphos at night to bring your levels down.


Thank you. It does feel like wired highs at night mostly and I can t sleep. Will try to get the things you suggest


Do you crave sweet things? As blood sugar can play havoc with the adrenals and will help if you stabilise it.


Thanks. I do crave sweet and salty, and have booked hypoglycemia blood test. Thanks for your advice



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