Saliva Cortisol results - advice please


I have had the above 24 hour (4 sample) saliva results. Here they are

Sample 1 post awakening 29.8 H (range 12 -22)

Sample 2 + 4/5 hrs 3.4 L (5.0 - 9.0)

Sample 3 + 4-5 hrs 3.7 (3.0 - 7)

Sample 4 (bedtime) 10.7 H (1 - 3)

Would anyone know whether I need cortisol or any other supplement please, to balance things out?

Thank you

PS I have been hypo for 8 years, recently had to stop T4 due to overmed and bad reaction. I was not taking any med when I had the above test, but was starting a dental abscess so maybe the infection affected the readings?


4 Replies

  • Samples 1 and 4 are way too high. I don't think you need cortisol, you need something to reduce the highs. Maybe try Holy Basil or seriphos at night to bring your levels down.

  • Thank you. It does feel like wired highs at night mostly and I can t sleep. Will try to get the things you suggest

  • Do you crave sweet things? As blood sugar can play havoc with the adrenals and will help if you stabilise it.

  • Thanks. I do crave sweet and salty, and have booked hypoglycemia blood test. Thanks for your advice


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