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Still struggling !!

Hi All

Benn diagnoised hypothyroidism for 2 years now. Was on 75mg of Levothyroxine. After still feeling lathargic, tired all the time, depressed feeling cold I went to have another blood test. The dr said these were in normal range.

I booked an appointment and insisted i did not feel right for him to respond well you are the top of normal so we will put you on 100mg.

Felt great for a few weeks after this. Again declined and tired all the time just had another test done and stating normal!!! ARRRRHHHHH!!!

Any advise appreciated. Do you recomment any extra vitamins ?

Many Thanks

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and this story of yours is SO COMMON!!.......yes i recommend bcomplex, magnesium, iron,vitamin c , e, A....zinck, copper, and selenium maybe .....eating more proteins , good fats, betaine hcl+pepsine....supplementing can help a lot

he will increase you until you stop converting and your tsh falls below 1 and ft4 above 17 :)...and your ft3 may be lower and you wont feel good

combination better i suppose. i will try it soon so will report....been 3 years on t4 only i can not say i solved my fatigue problem! or any other problem except not feeling cold :)


Kell, can you post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) as it will help members to advise and comment.

We usually advise members to have ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested by their GP as levels are often deficient or low in hypothyroid patients and supplementing can significantly improve deficiency symptoms which can be very similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

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Thanks both. If I request these from the dr will they just give these to me? As of yet I have never seen any of my blood results so do not actually know what my levels are



Kell, under the Data Protection Act patients are entitled to access their test results. You don't need to say why you want your results but most people say they want the information for their own records. Surgeries are allowed to charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of paper and printer ink but this shouldn't be treated as a revenue stream.

Click on the orange Reply button underneath the post you are replying to and the member will be sent an email alert.

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Thank you for this I am new to all this and its nice to find some peole that may be able to help me. I will request these today and post them on here to see if you guys can advise



My lab results are 0.43 mu/L - (0.35-5.50)


Kell, you don't appear to be undermedicated going by your TSH but that doesn't give us any clue to your FT4 and FT3 which, if low, will be the reason for your ongoing symptoms. You can order these privately from Blue Horizon or Genova via

Get those vits and mins I suggested above tested as good levels are needed for optimal absorption of Levothyroxine and conversion of T4 to T3.

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Seen 3 members of familiy go through this same crap

Try NDT you will find a major difference


What is NDT?


Natural Dessicated Thyroid has been used for nearly 150 years

synthetic thyroxine was foisted onto the UK scene when a bad batch of UK NDT caused problems and

with Mrs Ts push for generic drugs to reduce NHS bills the UK NDT stopped and of course there were fewer doctors experienced in prescribing it


Armour, ERFA, westhyroid, Thyroid-s


Desiccated thyroid only started to be used in the very last years of the 19th century.

Levothyroxine was synthesised in 1927.

Levothyroxine was available as Synthroid from 1955.

I can't make 150 years from any of that!


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