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Feeling devastated!

I'm writing this message through tears of frustration and anger. Just been to see my GP to ask for a T3 trial as my T3 is right on at the bottom of range 3.8 (3.8- 7)

He flatly refused and won't even refer me to an endo. "He said you've had these symptoms for 14 years Surely it's time you got used to them" I asked him if he would accept my symptoms as his way of life and he failed to reply!!!

Can someone please tell me the best way begin medicating myself on T3 and where I can get it from. Thank you :(

Replies where to source T3 via Private Messages please, in line with posting guideline #22, thank you, Clutter.

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I do feel for you having been in a similar situation.

Do not be afraid of your GP. Too many of them are bullies.

Remind your GP of the following:- Good Medical Practice for General Practitioners issued by Royal College of General Practitioners.

You can change your GP see The NHS Patients Constitution ---

See a previous post

The NHS is able to prescribe Liothyronine see the links below.

Finally, be extremely careful where you buy T3 and ALWAYS start with the lowest dose possible. I am sure there will be many members who will offer you the same advice.

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Thank you Bomap x

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I've never taken T3 alone, but I do take a form of NDT. I'll PM you with the details.

If your doctor has left you untreated for 14 years, he should be asking himself why he hasn't tried to help you before rather than telling you to get used to your symptoms. (Hey, my doctors left me untreated for 38 years, but none of them had the nerve to tell me to get used to the symptoms - most preferred to pretend they didn't exist. My current one managed to tell me I had ME, but also had the decency to look suitably sheepish.)


Do not waste time and energy trying to educate nhs gps. Help yourself.


I agree, we're too unwell to take on that battle and medication and supplements are available via internet. You can still have blood tests via your surgery though.

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Insist that your GP tests your FERRITIn

i will bet its way below 70 and thats why you cannot convert the t4 in levothyroxine into the t3 your body is screaming for

Theres research to back this up which needs shoving right up your GPs nose or somewhere more painful


hi, you need high ferritin to convert t4 to t3? didn't know that!


Thank you everyone I really appreciate your advice. Reallyfedup123 my ferritin Is 30 :(


I was told, on here, that my ferritin was low at 36, supplement with 1 x 210mg a day of ferrous fumerate /sulphate, x 84 are available from internet at £6 inc p&p. Take with 500 to 1000mg vitamin c on an empty stomach, an hour away from calcium and 4 hours away from NDT.


Seriously, complain !!!! I feel so sorry for you as my GP has been less than helpful & if I hadn't stood up to him some years ago then I'd have never seen a consultant. The consultant has finally diagnosed what is going on, another condition entirely, so see if there's a good consultant in your area, the good people on this site may come up with a name for you.

Good luck,

Cath x


At the very least a letter of complaint should be sent too the Practice Manager stating that your GP has done nothing, apart from being downright rude, to help you regain your health .

There comes a point when you have to take control, in my case it was self-medicating following initial advice from Dr P.

If you want details of a T3 supplier then do send me a PM.


That is a disgraceful thing for a doctor to say! You should certainly write to your head of practice about him. And change doctor within the practice (or change practice altogether). At the same time ask the head of your practice for a referral/T3.

Although I suspect it's a fairly toothless dog (cos we get this sort of cr*p all the time) there must be some sort of medical watchdog that you could then send copies of the correspondence to.

I will PM you about T3 supplier.

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Humphrey, could you plesse PM me details of T3 too. Janet.


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