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Is it safe to stop 10 Nutri Adrenal a day?

Hi I think I've sorted out my thyroid now I'm on the correct dose of T3 but I've been taking Nutri Adrenal for the last year and a half and never really felt right on it. Recently things seemed to worsen and I increased the dose of NA and even 10 or 11 didn't seem to be sorting me out so I stopped it. This is day 4. I don't really want to take it again but I feel a bit wobbly and pale. I've tried to eat right and take my vits and minerals and exercise in the last three days. Do you think my adrenals will kick in and help themselves now or do you think or should I be doing anything else? Any ideas would be gratefully received.

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If you do plan to stop them do it gradually. Continue taking your sitting and standing blood pressure, and if it starts to fall on standing, stay on the dose you are on for a couple of weeks and then see what happens when you drop the dose again.

Were you on Nutri Adrenal on recommendation from anyone, or is it a DIY job? If it was recommended, why don't you ask that person? I am on Nutri Adrenal on the advice of Dr BDP and I plan to ask him today where to go from here.


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