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HypoT and losing tooth enamel

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid 3 years ago and I'm adequately treated (doc keeps me at 0.6 isn for my TSH, so slightly below range where I feel best, but in the last few months I have noticed that my tooth enamel is wearing away. I'm devastated about this as I have always had strong, really good teeth. No fillings etc. So good in fact that the dentist asked if I was a dental hygienist.

Does anyone had experience of this or know why this may be happening? Im desperate to try and stop this getting worse.

Any prior knowledge or experiences gratefully received if anyone can help. Many thanks


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not got any answers on this one but i too have been told i have thin enamel and I was diagnosed with hashimotos this year, will be interesting to know if others are suffering the same.


I have a good healthy diet and never touch sugary fizzy drinks so was wondering if it was a deficiency of some kind. Hope we can get some ideas from here. :-)


Alit, are you grinding your teeth or slowly eating sour fruit or having any acid reflux?


None if those gabkad. It's the front of my teeth that are losing it.


This exact same thing is happening to me. Is it your two front teeth ?


This is an old thread - two years or so ago. Your response might not get noticed.

You might find some interest in a recent post of mine:


A couple of articles that are worth reading :

Hope they help.


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